New Teen Titans GO! Series to Premiere on CN


So the spinoff series finally launches on April 27 and will be apart of the DC Nation block. As much as I loved the original TT, I’m gonna watch this one with caution. Even though I liked TT’s humor, it wasn’t the only reason why I liked the show. The storyline is what got me hooked and I’m not so sure this new series will have any stories. One good thing though is that the original TT voice cast will be reprising their roles. That alone will make me try and watch it.


What the hell did I do wrong?


Fuck this show. Young Justice was killed prematurely so CN could run this kind of bullshit.

Fuck Teen Titans and fuck CN.


I was real excited until i saw that picture. what the fuck is this?


Hey, you can talk shit about the new series as much as you’d like, but the original TT was pretty legit. I do agree that knocking off YJ for this was the most idiotic move I’ve ever seen. If they wanted to include this series so bad, I’m pretty sure they could’ve made room for it.


I care about live action network about as much as they do their viewers.


Bad move WB and DC

You should have made an animated series based off the retooled Teen Titans with the hyper-sexualized Starfire. At least it would have gotten ratings, and it least it would have been a good addition to Toonami.


I forgive CN now this makes up for everything.


If it happens to be even halfway decent, I’m already wondering on how fast it will be canceled, as per CN policy that good things must always be sabotaged and canned ASAP. The folks that run this network are almost as foolish as the people that ran G4. It also doesn’t help that most kids from any generation (not just today’s generation) tend to have horrid taste in what’s “good”…like a series with cheapo “early days of Flash” style animation, about a talking plank of wood with a butterfly as his only friend, lamenting on the fact that he can’t walk around because he has no legs… I’m sure kids would LOVE something like that. Or…how 'bout another poorly-drawn/animated show about a singing piece rotten fruit that is in constant romantic pursuit of spoon, which isn’t even drawn with any kind of consistent style? Yeah, I’m sure kids would think that’s the greatest thing ever, and much preferable to things like Green Lantern or Young Justice, or anything that ever aired on Toonami…because they’re annoying little creatures that have amazingly bad taste in everything.

The whole situation with animated shows today just pisses me off, even though it shouldn’t be a surprise anymore at this point. Whenever something is a great show with lots of potential, don’t expect the shit to make it to a 3rd or even a 2nd season. If it’s garbage with little to no redeeming qualities, expect it to last for at least 15 goddamn years.


if i wanna see a teen titans like show…ill go watch the new ninja turtles.


The original TT didn’t use secret identities because they thought children were to stupid to understand Robin could also be Dick Grayson. They dumbed down the whole show and used a dumbass fake animu look.

It was a bad show and you should feel bad for supporting it when Young Justice, Green Lantern and other shit got canned.


i semi enjoyed the original tt run…i was also like a freshman in hs i think when they started it too. but damn wtf is this shit? weaboo porn.


Don’t forget the kick-ass theme song TT had.

Praying for remix for this one.


lol tt was so popular the bitches for the themesong got their own spinoff show…where do they do that.


To clarify, I’m not supporting the New TT series. Don’t put words in my mouth. All I said was that I was gonna try it and see. When did that equate to full-fledge supporting the series? When TT was serious though, it was a very good series. Story arcs like the Terra and Trigon arc were amazing. I guess I understand the anime looks problem and the show being childish but it still had a great emphasis on story which is what I mainly care about. Maybe not down to then point when compared to the comics, but it was a close replica that, I think, was done great.


Goddamn RockB.
With that rushdown logic & truth style!!


Any support is still support, no matter how little. Once you cross the line, you can’t take it back.


It’s pretty much a no win scenario.

It’s replacing Young Justice so that’s the first fuck up. And after that it’s still downhill.

If it’s terrible then they get crucified by pretty much every living person in existence for being horrid and causing YJ’s death.

If it’s good or even decent, people will still dislike them for replacing YJ AND it will not last that long because CN hates anything that’s halfway decent.

The show lost before it even started.


Now he’s playing innocent. 2 ass-kickings.


I think that’s the problem: CN seems to feel they are capturing a demographic that’s too old. Every stupid choice they’ve made indicate they want the Elmo-era Sesame Street kiddies, not teens and adults. Anything serious must go. It must all be mindless fluff. Except after dark. Then we’ll throw on some old boring shit. Friday nights is anime night…but no new american series. Can’t have that. We were astronomically lucky they allowed Generator Rex to actually finish it’s 3-season run.