New the SRK, Not really new to SF though

So I want to improve my skill in fighting games. I’m not new to SF, Ive played it tons since I was a kid, though I was never as die hard as I’m sure most of you others are. I bought Vanilla SFIV when it launched, then picked up SSFIV when it launched, and it had been years since I had played any SF titles before that (other then HDR).

Any tips on how to improve my game? Does SRK cover strategies that would help me improve? I wouldn’t say I’m a scrub, but I’m definitely not Championship Caliber either lol.

First welcome to SRK!

There are a lot of places to find info that can help you out:
There are individual game guides on the wiki (here’s the Super Street Fighter IV wiki for example: )

Depending on the game you want it may have it’s own section with subsections breaking down each character. Most of those subsections have threads covering combos, matchups, and have general places to ask questions.

There are also tons of tutorial videos like (another SF4 example: )
Also watching high level match vids can help give you ideas (and show you situations you may not have encountered yourself before).

So luckily there are actually lots and lots of places to find info. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

Ok cool!! Thanks for the info!

Try to participate in your main(s) character discussion forum. We feed off each others knowledge to learn (aside from doing stuff ourselves). An active character forum is a valuable one IMO.