New thread

here it is:

SMOOTH, man! :tup:

I see some brushstrokes toward the bottom, was this done in Photoshop? The tattoo looks amazing too man!

Goddamn man. I got to go back to school. Your skills are too insane. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to get an effect like that.

The Tattoo needs to bend with the back more I think Especially around the neck.

But apart from that little thing. PERFECTION!

Looking good man.

I don’t think the triceps would look like that. It usually breaks down into 2 major parts that you can see.

?he tattoo needs depth as it looks like there is actually a mini tiger on him. Maybe if you take down the values of some of the whites and oranges according to breakage and bendage.

The legs I know you probably exaggerated, but they look a bit too long.

Overall I like the pose and everything else is great. Good job.

nice! your coloring are getting better…you could make the tatoo looks more real though…it deosnt really looks like its stick on the skin that much

Pretty good and I enjoyed the coloring.

Ya, the tatoo doesn’t look very good… I tryed some tricks, but still… I’ll keep on trying:)

Another character - bad guy named Fumatory - one of the Bosses in DRAGONLAST: