New tier list 3rdstrike

Hey does anyone have a updated tier listing UP TO DATE as in this years results, i assume its not changed to much but i would like to see a updated version, i remember a while back i had seen a updated version earlier this year but i cant remember the source.

top tier: me
bottom tier: you
korean bbq tier: kofiend

yun\chun\mak>ken\duds\yang\akuma\urien>ryu\oro\ ibuki \elena>necro\alex\remy\q\hugo\12>sean casual tier list

yun\chun>ken\duds\makoto>akuma\urien\yang\ryu\ibuki\oro\elena>necro\alex\remy\hugo\q\12\sean tourney tier list

tier list suck if japanese guy not talk about why they think shit like X vs Y is 8-2.

thats true, if your not using/abusing the matchup the tier list doesn’t matter as much. you gotta learn WHY one character beats another.
sometimes i have trouble vs. low tiers more than top tiers since i have so much less matchup experience vs. them

this is out of subject but is it just me or oro has some trow priority? i find myself geting trown evrytime i jump into him, this neve rhappens againts anybody else

try playing offline. you may have had a little more lag against the oro player you were playing online with. that is all.

man i hope so cos that thing was just scary, trowing me evrytime i landed.

until i came up with doing cr.lp evrytime i landed grab range


then nothing else matters

necro >>> urien …urien can’t do so much vs necro keepaway tactics

but does necro have a thong?

lol no

Gouki > Akuma > Gill > All

I put an alarm clock next to my bed, so I can wake-up super.


toooo good.

ain’t shit new, tiers are the same they were.

necro can keep away urien well…for example …necro can do c.forward , c.fierce (this beat urien c.forward ) and c.strong for anti air …urien lacking in distance because he can’t do so much damage …he need a big opening (and vs a necro how know the match ups this is really hard) necro can punish a lot of urien moves .like t.fierce and c.roundhouse necro can punish a tackle in reaction (from some distance) jumping back and j.roundhouse >sa3 when urien do tackles more near you can parry this> down parry and grab him …or only block and see …if he do nothing you can s.jab/s.strong xx sa3 if if he do a ex aegis you can do back dash and only shit urien do for stop this a tackle and this is risky. necro c.jab is really good because urien can’t do some much when he parry this and c.jab xx sa3 is really good for punish urien pokes like urien c.forward s.forward and s.fierce.
only shit you need when you play this match up vs urien is don’t give him big opening and try stay away from the corner …practice blocking aegis mix ups is really important …and some times you can do a weak up flying viper (vs aegis mix ups)…taking some damage but this is better if you see urien can c.fierce you >tackle…etc and aegis again
i think this match up is in necro favor…like 6-4

Urien has a slow fireball, he doesn’t need to zone in with tackles or try to beat out Necro normals. Just throw jab fireball from half to full screen and dash in.

I can agree that it would be difficult for a Urien to get an unblockable setup though, I think. I’m probably wrong though. There’s nothing that a well placed parry can’t solve.

well, urien is still definitely higher tier than necro which is were this discussion should be. can’t see were the whole necro vs urien matchup became such a big topic.