New Tier List from EventHubs


12 points from Akuma to Rog… :confused:
Akuma Vs Gief 9-1??? WTF

Cammy surprisingly isn’t dead last anymore! Good news for us fanboys! lol


Whoever wrote that match-up list for Hawk sucks at HDR.


He anticipated this. : )


This might be the most poorly constructed HDR chart yet. Who put this together? What top players’ charts were they looking at? This chart looks like a random scatterings of 4s, 5s, and 6s, with little actual play-testing and analysis. There are way more lopsided matches than there are present in this chart.

And the character rankings…Sagat still above Ryu? I think not. And Dictator below Chun, Honda, and DJ? Definitely not. Hawk going even with Chun in that match? Are you kidding me?

Even discussing this chart gives it too much credibility. This chart is a bad joke. And why did this need a new thread? Someone merge this with the already existing and multi-page tier thread please.


Yeah the Hawk v Chun kind of threw me for a loop as well.

And sorry, I thought it might be good to start a new thread discussing the new match ups and what not but you’re right, it should be moved to the old tier thread.


LOL Balrog number 1? Are they shitting me?
I main Rog and get beat down left and right.


See afrolegends at evo.

Balrog is number 1.


Ken even with cammy? Beats honda 6-4? Sounds fishy.

Ken’s probably the only character that can take on akuma’s air fireball properly. Although even if you take out air fireball, akuma is (ryu)^2, so I guess he still loses anyways.


I never really care about tier lists but I really disagree with that tier list.


best logic ever.

Hmm. Sim 6-4 with Deej? 3-7 with Cammy? Not after her nerf, I wouldn’t agree. On the whole though, I agree.


I can only really speak for Zangief but the match-ups are a similar shape as to what I put in the 'Gief thread. I can’t comment on the Akuma match-up since I don’t play that many Akumas, let alone good ones although 9-1 seems a little too harsh.

Saying that, is Zangief really the worst character in the game? His strengths against Ryu, Ken and Balrog are quite important so perhaps a different weighting is required.

As for the general rankings, if you look at the figures for the top few, they’re actually very close. It’s not like Sagat is better than Ryu by a lot according to the list and generally I think people would agree that Balrog, Dhalsim and Vega are solid characters while Zangief, T-Hawk and Cammy are lower tier.

Also our own experiences and familiarity with match-ups may not reflect what the tier char suggests. For example, based entirely on my own experiences, Zangief v Blanka would be a 5-5 but I know it’s generally accepted that Blanka owns 'Gief.


You must be new here man. Vanilla has one of the best Balrogs. He was being sarcastic.

And I dont know how long you have been Sim but against Dee Jay now that Sim is no longer safe using crouching jab or strong underneath max out and sonic booms does change the match significantly.

And Cammy even with the nerf you mentioned still gives Sim fits. Play an agressive Cammy and you will see why they put that score. She has very fast pokes, cannon drill is safe at times on block, quick grabs, and on-line hooligan throw can be tough to counter.


I might be misunderstanding you, but I think what you’re talking about here is a representative tier list (a tier list that not only factors in match ups, but also gives more probable match ups more weight). I’ve only seen one of these in my life. They seem like they would be even more of headache. But I think Gief isn’t nearly as bad as he seems in the tier list. Than again I’m pretty biased since I play Boxer.


So…why hasn’t this thread been merged with “The Inevitable Tier Thread” yet? :slight_smile:


Zangief last? So many problems with this tier chart not even worth dicussing it.


Awful. Zangief and T. Hawk are capable of wrecking the most havoc if played well. I don’t even need to link to the haru tejyo vids.


Well, someone has to be last. Remember, the tier list got compressed. Everyone’s good when played right.


I think the tier list is fairly accurate with the exception of BLANKA he should be a bit higher but, i like the tier list


Well I remember seeing a weighted tier-list with lots of numbers on before but couldn’t find the link but what I’m saying is that while Zangief sucks in around 75% of his match-ups, since shotos and Balrog are picked quite often; it can make Zangief pretty useful.

According to the list, other than Akuma, Zangief is the only character to counter-pick Balrog. Remember the Evo09 match with Damdai picking Zangief against Graham Wolfe’s Balrog?

As for Zangief being the worst? It seems a bit exaggerated since I win a lot with the guy yet I don’t really disagree with the numbers given by the chart. If people don’t know how to play against him then his high damage, stamina and ticks can make wins seem pretty easy but it’s horrendous if the other guy knows the matchup well and every character has some kind of anti-zangief strategy.

But as studtrooper said, every character is good when played right (Haru Tejyo).


Honda vs. Ryu is wrong - in my opinion (based on playing a lot with some of the best Ryu players on the WC) it’s 1.5 / 8.5 in favor of Ryu. That would put him at #2, in close contention with Balrog. Where I think he belongs.

But that’s not the only wrong in this tier chart. I don’t recall being asked what I thought of Honda’s matches. I highly doubt that they collected any data before constructing this chart, either in player opinion or actual win/loss numbers. It’s one or two dudes playing theory fighter, and based on the “inevitable tier thread” we all know that’s a bunch of BS.