New to 3s and loving Hugo

Hugo greats i salute you.

OK i am a complete noob with 3s but i’ve started to get into the game after hating it for ages, I have messed about with a few Characters but the only one that draws me back is Hugo i just think the man is a beast.

Is there anyone that could give me just a few basics with the guy though? i can do pretty much all his moves struggle with standing 720’s but can get them probably 40/60 so at present just jump. however i dont know what links what combos basically what i should be doing with these moves i know :sad:

I’m looking to play 3s with Hugo only and have no interest in anyone else so anyone that could help me out you’ll earn yourself a best friend for life and i’ll come stay at your house. :wink:


well… 1st you need to pick a sa either 1or 3… since you say you’re a noob you may wanna pick sa3… learn the basics… every move on hugo’s arsenal are useful believed or not…:tup: that’s all i can tell you… sorry but i’m not a hugo expert… i’m just trying to help

There is a good faq here (though it is for SAIII Hugo).

Kalypso also has a faq.

Basically, set the forum to list posts “since the beginning” and you will see a few “how to” guides on Hugo.

SandyBags is a Bum who can only 720! :lol: (in other words he’s an EXPERT)…
but if need hand im no expert but just ask i ll try help you out.

I’ve heard alot about Sandybags everyone has been telling me he has one of the best Hugos about, he seems a little shy about it though :smile:

Lyrical Acid Cheers for the Link, i should have changed the Forum view in the begining, apologies for taking up space :tup: I’ll be reading that today at work.

DH020 and Sandybags do you both play on Live? perhaps i could add you to my Friends list so you could see my Hugo and give me some pointers?

Thanks for your help so far fellas :tup:


Ya im on XBL just add me up XBL tag = PADDYHACKERS

I ll try show you a few things :tup:

DH020 i’ll add you tonight when i get in! Cheers dude :tup:

im fairly new, but like u im stick with just a staight hugo

Sandy Bag’s Hugo is disgusting. He will parry everything with ten seconds of lag. His record is like 80% wins with like 17,000 matches. And he only plays good opponents (which leaves me out most of the time).

I’m definitely not a Hugo expert, but my suggestion would be to look for videos of YSB and watch some of his setups and strings. IMO he’s more interesting to watch when he’s using SA III, but that’s probably because that’s the one I use. If you go to and register for a free account, there is a video under the New Match Videos section that is three of his matches in the same file, and he’s also in some of the tournament videos on The one I know of that has the most of his matches is Hayao is also an excellent Hugo, but I find his style much harder to learn from because he uses a lot of standing 720s and red parries into 360s.

One thing I would definitely look for in the YSB videos is how he sets up the Meat Squasher (360 + k). I didn’t use to use it because of how easy it is to see coming, but it works really well as a tick because the short kick version comes out deceptively fast, and it always puts your opponent in the corner, which sets up further pressure (obviously).

Huh? Just curious I thought ALL of Hugo’s supers were OK to be used even by a n00b/begginer, what’s wrong with SA II?

its not all gd except for AIR really, since his sa1 and sa3 hav much better set-ups it just common sense to use either sa1 or sa3 (not being sarcastic) :tup:

Zepplin cheers for the Info! I’ll be checking them out as i have combovideos login just dont go there that often, i watched the Thongboy Bepop’s Basics what you should know video which was a very nice vid and helped me out i just forget how useful that site is.

DH020 what times you usually online, i’ve looked for you a couple of times. i had to end up getting owned by Kneelb4me for hours lol.

Sorry man im Uni student i ve been doing a project for past week (due in 5th May) so hav’nt been on since friday…but i will try be on 2mo night 10pm GMT.

You been playing Kneel? are you from the UK? (if so were abouts in UK)

See i use to be able to play on my pc because i Hybrid Video card lets me play Xbox on my pc, but my pc needs repairing (im on my laptop) so im not gona b on to much because means got use the TV down stairs which everyone hogs lol.

But will try my best to get som games 2mo bud :tup: