New to a game, so what difficulty would you start on?

normal or hard ?

edit :

these days , i normal choose hard/advance mode in games like l4d2 or GodOW series . because i like to test myself how far i can reach and get the taste for the 1st time how much damage does the dealt on me .

well , only for solo play .

if co-op mode , i’d go for easy and normal depending on the level of experience withthe other players .

Normal. That way there’s no excuses for failure. Hard mode can wait.


unless its ninja gaiden, then hard is disguised as normal and stupid hard is disguised as hard

I always start on the default difficulty which is usually (read: almost always normal) in the middle of the difficulty list.

After beating a game for the first time, if I enjoyed the game, I’ll select a harder difficulty for the second time around.

I guess if it was a brand new GENRE of game, I might consider Easy or Normal. However, if its an RPG, or an FPS, or an Action/Adventure game, I’d go with Hard, or Veteran, or Expert, or whatever the highest setting is. I don’t mind dying/failing/etc, and this way the game gets extended… Im not one to normally replay games i’ve finished, so I’d rather get the most use out of the game… This only backfired once with CoD:WaW… Veteran on that game was a fucking joke - nade spam FTL. I don’t think I bothered to finish that game.

If I am COMPLETELY new to the genre…easy.
If it’s familiar enough…normal.

i’m not going to play a game more than once so i go straight on with the hardest difficulty. I HATE it when a game doesn’t allow access to the hardest difficulty on the first playthrough. i dont see the point in playing on normal, i never enjoy the game since i get ZERO sense of satisfaction upon completion.

Games are too easy nowadays. Best difficulty for games, for me, were mw1 and project gotham racing, that was pretty hard to complete!

3 games i didn’t complete: tmnt on nes, super battle toads, and mr fucking nutz. fucking yeti.

I play it once on normal just to get a feel for the aspects of the game. Then I’ll go back to seriously beat it on Hard.

Depends on the genre. If it’s a strat game, you better believe I’m hitting tutorial. If it’s a puzzle game I might try out normal and then go to hard to see what the difference is. Action games I play on normal/hard, but only if there’s some reward to make hard worth it. No sense in pressing a bunch of buttons just to get a higher score. Fighting game always go on hard so the PC actually does something besides sitting there waiting for me to hit them and occasionally attacking with slight variations of the same string.

Start it on Normal. Beat it, and if I want more, move to the higher difficulty. It’s what I did for Tales of Vesperia (and a few other Tales games) and ME2.

i used to play normal for everything. but nowadays i rather not pull my hair out over a video game and just breeze through it and enjoy it.

I’d rather start out normal, so that there’s a reason for me to play through the game again. I do that with every multi-difficulty game. Keeps 'em fresh.

Usually default (medium). Never lower. If it’s a game with replay value or maybe challenging achievements, I’ll up the difficulty in a 2nd play through.

Normal. As I have gotten older, my patience for games had decreased significantly. The only time I really like a challenge is with racing sims.

the only game that forced me to go to normal mode is L4D2 , solo mode .

normal on console.
Since I play PC games from my couch with an awful wireless mouse, I turn the difficulty down on shooters. I get horrible tracking out of that thing, so aiming with it is difficult enough.

I play on normal for the first playthrough.

I play on normal most of the time,unless I played a game like it before hand. Then I play on hard (example: bought Devil May Cry 4,played DMC 3 a few weeks before)

I usually do normal, although with Heavy Rain I started on the hardest difficulty (which just makes some actions more complicated) and it made it a much better experience.

Action/Adventure I play hard. On normal, enemies typically aren’t aggressive enough.

RPGs I play normal. Higher difficulty in RPGs = more life, higher damage, which just means more grinding for the player.