New to Abel, wondering how your playstyle is

My main is Guile and i’m taking on Abel as my 2nd…
I’m aggressive with guile pushing the action and corner pounding my opponents. I’ve tried but can’t seem to do the same with Abel. LOL i suck with Abel, let’s just put it that way.

How is your playstyle? Aggressive or defensive or counter-err?

I’m extremely aggressive, but yet analyzing. I work those ticks people have, those ticks that I notice they have. A certain combo etc.

I just recently picked up Abel on Sunday, I normally main Dhalsim. I wanted a character that had more of a rewarding feeling for landing an ultra and after messing around in trail mode with Abel I though he combo nicely into that huge damage ultra of his.

I basically didn’t understand Abel’s play style until last night, I really needed to read up on him as well as get my ass handed to me for a bit before I started understanding his moveset. Since he needs to be pretty aggressive but you can’t just be reckless with him.

What really helped me was I found a player that wasn’t particularly great in a player match online (who also used a lot of top tier characters) and I just played a dozen or so rounds with him. it was kind of like playing in slow motion versus when I would try to go to champ mode with Abel and get slaughtered. Afterwords, playing against stronger players I felt like I actually understood the match up.

right now my style = garbage.

I throw out a lot of crap that looks like a good idea at the time “hey he’s half a screen away, lets try… a wheel kick!! no he blocked it, ok… next time try… a CoD!!! damn he blocked it and then shoryukened me. I suck, crap… ok… I’ll roll up to him and TT!!!.. damn this guy’s good he blocks all my stuff…” end match. my loss.

I’ve been working, with the help of some people from this board, on improving my game to properly manage my spacing, use light pokestrings to put pressure so I can get that f+mk in and start my mixup, either use the RH if they crouching a lot, the fp if they are jumping, or the TT if they are blocking. Then I keep changing it up, but the basic building block seems to be spacing and pokestrings into f+mk into mixup. (juicebox is the king of this stuff, but he’s doing more than what im saying - i can’t even understand half of how his methods work - cause I suck)

I still suck total balls though, so im sure Im doing a lot of this all wrong.

edit: if you want to see good offense, juicebox posted some AWESOME vids not long ago in a thread around here. really great high pressure beatdown

Defensive. Waiting for that opening for my combo’s. Aggressive when they are down. Kind of mixed.

i like to intimidate my opponent

im pretty much a counter-fighter

his moves comeout too slow against too many fighters, to be aggressive 24/7.

he could’ve been my SF4 Makoto

I lol@ the influx of abel players now. He aint as good as all you bandwagoners think.

Stick to your Main… I jsut so happened to have been playing abel from the beginning. : ]

Abel is just fine, play whoever you get enjoyment out of. How good Abel can be depends on how much work you put into learning him.

I would stick with Guile but I really think I should invest time in a new character to make things interesting.

I wanted to main Abel when SF4 first came out but I found him to be too slow and it didn’t feel right. But I got interested in trying him out again because Falling Sky and his Super are sick!

For me, it all depends on the matchup. Generally I love to pressure my opponent with combinations and mixups. But against for example Cammy or Gief that’s just not the correct strategy. It’s ugly how people tend to forget why they’re playing the game in the first place. People who play for the sole purpose of winning. Yeah, maybe my win-percentage would go up if I switched to Sagat but owning someone with “Abel Technology” is just too satisfying.

I’m actually in the middle of changing my playstyle for what I think suits me better. For practice I’ve for example stopped jumping and rolling alltogether when I play. Just focusing on controlling the ground. I believe it’s more fun and a safer way to approach your opponent.

I’m exactly the same.

I tend to be pretty defensive. I usually play things very safe and evasive, using now risk pokes, the wheel kick, and the wonderful command roll that Abel has to keep myself healthy while I get a feel for what the other guy is going to play like. I also tend to stay out of the air most of the time. When I think I see some weaknesses or bad habits, I start applying the pressure appropriately. This is when I might start using the occasional jump in, but I try to keep those unexpected, especially when dealing with someone who has a trigger happy SRK.

I think the big weakness to my Abel game is getting flustered against very offensive, super aggressive players. I try to compensate for this by rolling clear of attacks or cross ups, or trying to eat right through the initial attacks with an EX CoD, which I actually find to be a somewhat reliable anti-air (as long as you’ve got that meter.) I would prefer to maintain a safe distance and dip into attack range when I see a good opportunity.

LOL … How good abel is in not how much work you put into him… more like how much can you do and hope the opponent does not have a really good reaction time. Abel as a character is a gimmick , once his gimmicks are figured out he really does not have anything. Where as other character have just so much more than him.

I.E TT’s get beat by backdashes… and man when you whiff a TT thats like the worst feeling in the world considering you potentially have a chance to eat 25-50% from who ever your playing and depending on the conditions.

Abel is like 20% work and 80% Gimmicks.

How can a anti-air grab that does not even “technically” anti be sick? Not to mention an anti air grab that trades with jump in normals? and when it trades only does one pixel of damage and they get full damage off of a trade? LMAO…

dude you sound so negative leave the guy alone. If he think it looks cool thats his opinion, i agree with him as well abel is a cool character to master but i just suck with him so i gave him up:rofl:

As much as I agree that Abel isn’t great can we stop talking about it. Its getting really tired now. Oh and there’s a difference between being risky and being a gimmick

I wish people were more like the ST crowd. Not constantly whining about how bad he is, instead just working with what you’ve got.

No dude watch out, that guy IS the original Abel player, so he knows everything about him and deserves to trash him.

You didn’t read my post you dumbass. I didn’t say “OH DUDE, FALLING SKY’S DAMAGE AND TRADES THAT ONLY DO ONE PIXEL OF DAMAGE IS SOOOOO SICK!”’ .


I said “FALLING SKY” is sick

1 more thing

you are :lame:

That isnt the point I am making, and I dont remember saying that other characters didnt offer more. Ive been playing Abel since day one of the US release, and ive stuck with him since then. Obviously Abel is not the best character in the world, I figured that out a long time ago. You have to work much harder with him to win a match at times then you think you should. Im not even going to attempt to get into all of his “faults” because you know of them already. If someone wants to main Abel, let them figure out themselves if its worth it or not. I would also hope that a backdash would beat TT, as its invincible frames allow it to beat plenty of moves. Abel does have a practical side to him, even though he is very high risk. If people are back dashing out of your TT attempt or empty jumping, you need to do something different.

lol and your an origninal retard. What you seem to not realize is… you know your characters weaknesses and strengths. Not to mention THATS what I was talking about tard’.

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