New to ADON (And street fighter in general)



Hey guys, I got a copy of SSF4 and a TE edition fight stick and I’m all set – or am I?

I’ve been wanting to main a muay thai fighter in this game because I do it in real life and adon’s looking pretty good compared to sagat because I prefer a quicker more agile character.

I can do all the specials and I know that his moves like Jaguar Kick have priority over a lot of other moves, but I’m not really “advancing” in a way that I would like to.

For example some of the Trials are really hard to do - Dan keeps blocking them,

and in general I don’t get how to do combos like “Rising Jaguar, FADC, Ultra 2”

and what does canceling mean in “Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Light Punch cancel into Heavy Rising Jaguar”

Is that FADC or regular cancel? How do you do a regular cancel?

Sorry lots of questions but hope some of em can get answered :slight_smile:


I’m probably not much better than you, but I can tell you two things.

  1. Rising Jaguar FADC into Jaguar Avalanche basically means: cancel your Rising Jaguar by doing a focus attack, then dash to cancel the focus attack (FADC) and do the Jaguar Avalanche (Ultra 2).


  1. Canceling sounds more complicated than it really is. The combo you specified, crouching light kick, crouching light punch canceled into heavy Rising Jaguar just means that you need to do the input for the Rising Jaguar BEFORE the crouching light punch animation ends.



With Adon’s FADC, its something you just have to practice in training mode. I practiced it for maybe a month on and off until I actually could do it consistently. I never actually used it in a fight until last week. Even then, I don’t really combo into it except when I cross an opponent up.

What you learn with Adon is that his Jaguar Kick is his main weapon. When I started out, I use to spam Rising Jaguars, because no one seemed to block it and it at that level. As I got higher up, I kept whiffing it. I now space my JK’s very well. I love it when I use it as an anti-air, or as one member here described it as the “wall of jaguar kicks”, just doing it 2-3 times in a row and landing gives you a huge lead.

If you have PSN, feel free to add me: MuayLaoLanXang

I was stuck at a “level” for a while with Adon, until I learned how to space his moves. For example, when I learned that a cr. mp spaces an opponent perfectly for a mk jk, I understood that, like I said before, his JK is his main weapon and that spacing it perfectly helps your game a lot.