New to Adon need pointers

Today i came across a really good Adon player while i was playing on Live and I thought to myself “wow Adon does a lot of damage and hes so fast too maybe i should try to learn him” So I went on training to learn his special attacks and tried to apply it in Live matches afterwards and here how it turned out. Any advice on how I should improve would be much appreciated, if u watch my videos, you’d notice all I can really do now is spam those Rising Jaguars lol



ps. If anyones curious, before I decided to pick up Adon I Played Zangief and Juri.

im kinda learning stuff myself, infact you taught me that you can combo from jump in roundhouse > ultra haha. I always FADC or if I get a lucky ex jag tooth crossup.

I would say you need to be hit confirming your jump ins. You kept up your pressure good but sometimes you brought our a rising jag when they blocked you. I used to do that alot. Plus you are very rising jag happy. Jag kick pressure is so much safer and effective, though I cant explain how or show because I just got a stick and im basically learning the motions all over again :frowning:

Well I just started Adon in these videos Im practically just button mashing thats why Im not really hit confirming lol

First of all welcome to adon hope you do well with him.

So yeah you RJ alot like you said. You were lucky the people you were fighting against are just plain bad higher level playes will block and punish you more or less evrytime you do one unless you hit confirm.

JK is really your best friend with adon as used correctly can stop your opponent dead in their tracks and keep them there.

But like you said you only just started using adon so everything will come in time.

Good luck.

Mostly try to be unique as you can when you play with adon alot of shit he has is kinda mindfucking like his JK and low RJ but um just note that if you hit a cat in the air with a jaguar tooth and there just fallin try to add a hard kick reset

I would work on some links rather than just abuse RJ. It’s a great move and all but at higher levels of play you’ll end up taking a meaty combo. Once you learn the fundamental bnbs, everything will piece together and you’ll discover your own style of Adon.

Hey, hope you keep playing Adon :slight_smile:

Here is a really good video to watch to get a lot of Adon’s basics/strengths. Really helped me with Adon.


Just from watching that first vid as well as some more advice

-Against anyone with a fireball, pick ultra one. It goes through fireballs (make sure that you hold the control stick forward against far away opponents, neutral for mid screen opponents and back for up close opponents.

-If you are full screen from an enemy who just fired a projectile, use jaguar tooth. I prefer to be a LITTLE bit psychic about it (buffering motion at the same time the opponent is doing their attack basically) and this will come easily from playing a few rounds against someone and learning their habits.

Also, remember that if your opponent is in the corner and you hit them with an EX jaguar tooth, you can follow up with ultra 2, ultra 1 (not the full animation) RJ, EX RJ, or st.HK. When I play there are even times when a normal Jaguar tooth will allow me to follow up with a st.HK even when my opponent is not cornered, I believe it depends on where you are on the screen when you hit your opponent with the JT.

When mid screen against an opponent that you think will fireball, use a jaguar kick. You can also space jaguar kicks well enough to add to your pressure game from multiple distances, and apparently some uber pros can cross-up with it.

Adon is great for rushdown, but make sure you utilize some of his normals, they are very good. I am unsure of frame data, but st.HK is an awesome long reaching punish that can utterly shut some people down, as well as his st.MK being a great quick poke and apparently timed correctly, can be a good anti-air (but RJ is always the preferred AA move)

Obviously spamming the shit out of RJ like in that first video will get you wrecked by anyone with a fully functional brain stem and nervous system, but some of those randoms online will still let you give it to em.

Adon also has a fast dash ( apparently some people have used it to avoid akuma air gohadoukens) and pretty good cross up (j.MK)

Can you FADC? Adon builds meter really quick and has worthwhile normals too, so building meter with him is easy even though hes not a projectile character. FADC from a RJ (most people use MK RJ) into ultra 2.

If the opponent jumps and you hit them while they are in the air with an EX jaguar kick, you can follow up with u1 (im not sure if this is in the corner or anywhere, but they must be in the air)

There are some stickies that have all his BnB’s, specific matchup info and frame data as well i believe. GL with adon, when i am able to get my own xbox i will be going back to maining him and sagat

EDIT 1 BTW i have never tried it or seen anyone confirm it but i dont think jumping roundhouse combos into ultra, I might be wrong, but i havent heard of it)