New to Arcade Sticks. Particular game to start with?


Using all the helpful stuff on SRK I decided it was time to invest in a fight stick. Having said that I know what I am facing - which is the transition from a lifetime of playing fighters on a control pad.

Any advice on which games are best to learn? I have damn near all of them (2d/3d)? Any particular training modes that help in learning? Pick my favorite and go for it? Play them all and learn a bit from each?


Start with street fighter 4 AE or third strike.


I don’t think it really matters what game you start out with to master the joystick…since most of the games have their own button layout.


Pick one and go.


Super Street Fighter II Turbo!


Play whatever game you’re trying to learn.




Play Garou: MOTW as a secondary.


As many fine gentleman have stated, it truly is a question of what you are going to be committed to playing; you’ll want to build muscle memory for that game. As you evolve in proficiency with your stick (yeah, yeah you pervs!! :D), you will find it easier to learn other games.
Try as many games as you have available and decide which you enjoy the most, or you want to master.


What specterlight said. If you have any familiarity with the game you are trying to play, I recommend picking up a new character. You’ll just get frustrated being bad at a character you were better with before.


If you just want to learn to be consistent with inputs, play an older game (like) Hyper Fighting. SFIV will teach you bad habits, like using 323 [:df::d::df:] as a DP motion.


while I have not many issues with Garou, with KOF 98 I find it more difficult to adjust to a stick. maybe due to a lot of hcb, df moves and links or the games faster timing. dp moves are also more difficult there. with keyboard it is much easier, except the hcb,df moves.


Thanks for all the awesome responses. I am leaning towards starting work on KOFXIII and some classic SF2. I guess my second question is is it worth it to play the HD Remix on PSN or go the GGPO ST route?


KOF13 is a great game. Requires some fairly high execution, in terms of left-hand inputs, but it is a very free-flowing game that favors the rushdown.

HDR is fairly dead on PSN unless you can manage to join the few lobbies that exist, or make some friends on the forums. GGPO ST has FAR more competition, most of which are at very high levels. GGPO players are fairly hardcore, so it will be difficult to start to get some wins against them unless you’re already at an intermediate level, or find lower level players. Usually if you just mention that you’re new to the game and are willing to pick it up, somebody is apt to take it easy on you and be more willing to show you the ropes.

Just beware of the trolls on GGPO.




for just a few bucks u can pick up a used copy of MvC3 (not ultimate) and run the trials for every character, and you should be able to get VF5 (not final showdown) for less than $3 and do the trials for all the characters.