New To Arcade Sticks, should I change mains?


As the title suggest, I just invested in a Madcatz TE Arcade Stick, and I’m having a hard time to mimic everything I was able to do on my sega saturn pc style gamepad.

First of all, the feel is somewhat akward. My desk sits rather high(I have the PC verson of the game), and the arcade stick feels too elevated. I tried to use it on my lap, but it feels uncomfortable like that. I found a nice medium using my laundry basket though…lol, but I need a more reliable solution.

Secondly, my main is Ryu, and I’m honestly struggling just to consistently throw out fireballs, let alone trying anything like FADC Ultras. I did notice though, unlike my gamepad, using charge characters has become somewhat easier. I’m able to do stuff with characters like Rog that I was unable to do with my gamepad.

I guess my question is, is the learning curve that steep? It’s been literally like 10 years since I’ve had any arcade experience, and I’ve been using gamepads since. I really wanna get better with the arcade stick…should I just change mains, or gut it out? Just wondering what kind of timeframe I can expect to invest to feel comfortable with my stick.


Yes…on average it takes months of consistent playing to go from pad to stick.
If you just got the stick…you got a long way to go.


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  • Technique questions do not belong here. If you can’t pull off a move practice it until you can.


You don’t have to change mains if you don’t want to. If you’d like to keep Ryu, make honest assessments of your weaknesses in technique (which you’ve already done by saying things like ‘I can barely throw fireballs consistently’), turn inputs on in training mode, and throw fireballs till you feel like you can do them in your sleep. Go into player match and try throwing fireballs in a match – if its easy and you’re consistent, work on something else. If its not, repeat the process until it is.

Also, what gigazord said.


Put it back in your lap. Just learn like that until you adapt to it, you will get used to it if you do that from the start. If you ever go to a tourney, you will always be hunting down the perfect height table, or can’t do laundry while playing SF.


Thanks for the responses. After a few hours of playing I can see some improvement. It looks like all it really is is re-training my muscle movements. I’m able to do simple combos now and am gonna work on my BNB moves.


steep learning curve + ryu doesn’t make any sense.


Yeah just keep practicing, it sounds like a stock response but people will tell you that for a reason. There’s no substitute for practice.


All that has been said is true, BUT if there’s a character you want to learn, it can be easier at this point because you don’t have to “un-learn” what you already know on the pad.


piano’ing moves and combos is going to be much easier with your new stick… ex: jab to HHS with Honda…


My main on SF4 when it came out was Ryu, and Chun as my second. I have been a pad player for a long time. The last time I played in the arcade was at a very young age. When I first switched to stick on SF4, I had problems using Ryu. I did notice that I was better with charge characters. Chun turn directly into my main since I could execute her moves better. I am relatively good with Chun now. I can do all her BnB, and juggle into Ultra without any problems. I am gradually switching back to Ryu. I can do FADC to ultra 5 out of 10 times now. It is a steep learning curve, and it has been out 6 months now since I started on sticks and now I cant see myself going back to pad. You have to find the most comfortable way to hold the stick, and its just practice after practice. You will get better eventually.


Thanks for all the responses. One last question. Does anyone have any good recommendations on a stand/table for my stick? I’m about 6 feet tall if that matters. I would prefer something small/portable that I can bring to a friend’s house, etc.


Hey man I just got my stick 2 days ago and at first it was quite hard and then after a few hours of practice i was nailing the b&b combos with akuma and now even the FADC combos are gradually coming out. Just keep practicing and you will get there. I have my stick on my lap when playing at PC or on PS3 but whatever is comfortable for you is best obviously!

its gonna be hard but already I can see the advantages of a stick over a pad, with a pad it was really hard for me to do the reset lk hurricane - reset - demon flip but now I can do it every time with a stick


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Wrist can move faster then a thumb. Any tv tray table will work but it’s best to use your lap and use a square gate, thats what all the top japanese players and arcades use.