New to BB looking for training partner

BB:CS is my first BB game, and I’ve never played guilty gear. I am familiar with fighting games and I’m looking for another player who knows how to play fighting games but is fairly new to BB to train with.

I’m looking for 1 on 1 matches to learn the game, if anyone of a similar skill level would like to have some matches plz message me, my gamertag is IIJosII eMe


I’m in the same boat, but for PSN. AIDSBOT, hit me up. Located in Seattle.

LIER! Your location says your from Renton!

Ugh to bad I’m on XBL :\

gt: pituches xbl

im not new but i can teach you all i know…i use kune though

or i can rape you for free also…

yo bro add rigelmao, i’m terribad

I suck and I’m also looking for someone to train with on PSN. PSN ID is: xxL337pyr0xx

i also am on the same boat, im terrible at this game so far and looking for people around my lvl to spar with. i always get mauled to death online haha.
anybody up to a few rounds feel free to add me PSN: Akai_panda85

^ Location?

PSN ID: Yeyo685 I’ve been playing a little bit but I suck anyway xD would love a sparring partner, but not to get my ass handed down to me all the time, I’m kinda new to this

Regards :wink:

feel free to add me

Majin TCZ


I’m super free at this game. Anyone that wants to play and get better add me.
GT: Depstar

Im really new to this game as well just got the game and this is my first ever BB/GG type of game and ive been coming from ssf4. So if anyone wana help me train in BB add GT: snbchris

PSN Sylari, if anyone wants some matches, got this game only a couple days ago, and on top of that, just got a stick last week, so… I’m not so good >_>. Still damn fun though.

Aw man, I would have so been your partner, but im on PS3. Anyways, my PSN is KingKV98, hook me up ppl.

I could REALLY use someone to teach me the ropes or another person who is equally crappy to try and spar with to get better.

I’m on XBL
GT: Outlaw Slevin

Just make sure to send a message along with your friend request. I main Hazama. :slight_smile:

US west coast cali :slight_smile:

I would love to help but man I havent gotten BlazBlue: Continuum Shift yet but I do have the first one :
Is Continuum Shift better or really good? only problem is I need some moola! haha

^ We in the same boat bro. I have the old version too, wanna add me?