New to Chun Li and I have some questions

So wut up :slight_smile: I made this name just to get some tips for Chun xD

Anyways, i’ve always been a fan of chun seeing as I use her in many games (mostly the VS games) but now I actually want to start using her in a SF game (ssf4) the reason why I did not use her is because she is a charge character and I can’t seem to do charge moves properly to save my life lol. Seriously even doing a fireball with her I mess up it’s like a 50/50 chance. Supposely charge moves are “easy” but I find “motion” moves to be WAAAAY easier by a long shot like BIG TIME.

I just started using Chun yesterday. Watching Shizza and that one girl Kayane at evo kinda encouraged me to use her too.

I basically want general tips and punisher combos like after someone misses a shoryu or something like that. Cuz I was battling my friend yesterday and whenever I had an oppening I didn’t know how to punish for decent damage.

I also know that chun has a really good set of normal moves at her disposal. How do I use these moves properly? Like especially when someone jumps in on me how do I anti air them well with chun’s normals? I saw Shizza do a good job of anti airing people with like hard kick and hard punch but they don’t seem to work for me.

So yea that’s pretty much it. Any tips and BnB combos that I should know will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Check out the stickies in the Chun subforum.

that and the sf4 wiki is very, very good. there should be guides at as well.
generally she throws fireballs for zoning her op and then goes in for some strings/pokes/throws/combos. her main combo is a few shorts into ex legs. anti airs that I know are j hp hp, tenshokyaku, her air throw and ex sbk. shes better at pressure in this game than in 3s or 2 but not as good as cvs2. her big pressure string is the nemo string. her pokes should still be pretty good prob not 3s level. ex legs can go into ultra1 as well as focus attack, both of which can mask its charge. as for ultra 2 you can be a bit more creative and it serves as an anti air.

The only person worth watching is Nemo. Rush down Chun or no Chun imo