New to Custom Stick Building


Hello All!

I’m new to making custom sticks so I have a couple of questions if that’s alright.

I’m mainly a BB and P4A player (Ps3) for reference if you have suggestions c:
I’m certainly not anywhere near tournament level though and I’m currently using a modded ps3 pad (Pics in spoiler)
P.S Sorry for the terrible image quality, was using my netbook webcam.


I’m planning to build my case out of Acrylic with the top panel being a double layered acrylic sheet to place artwork in.
I’m not afraid to solder if need be if what you guys would recommend is a sacrificial ps3 controller.
Some of the encoders I’ve been looking at include the zero delay encoder (for it’s low price point) and the Cthulhu encoder (also lower price point)
If you guys suggest an encoder would you be so nice as to also explain/link how to install LED lighting onto those encoders? (I haven’t seen them yet in person so it may or may not be self explanatory)

I also offer my apologies if you feel as if too many of these questions could be answered reading a thread somewhere else on this forum. Or if a similar question has been asked in the past.

Thanks All ~ Accent


There’s not much more to be said, really. This is the single best website on the internet, and it’s really easy to understand. Give it a solid read and then come back if you have any questions.

Unfortunately, there ain’t a lot (if any, I don’t remember) info about LED’s there. I don’t know much about them either, so I apologize, but I can’t help you with that.


I’m confused as to what you’re asking for…you just want a PCB recommendation? The Chthulhu is a great PCB, but the price of the ZD is tough to pass up and is mostly getting great reviews here.

As for lighting, you can pretty easily tap the +5v usb line to power an LED, but it could get pretty messy if you are going to go wild with the lights. Your best bet would be a separate LED light controller like the paradise kaimana. The also have a series of custom in button (Uila) and button surround (pele) LEDs. Is there something else you needed to know?


I did actually come about that website. Thanks for the response though!

That was more or less what I was trying to get across. I was just asking if either of those boards have a power output directly on the board I can solder to to reduce messiness


Technically, none of these boards have an exact “power output” per se.
They all have a power INPUT, and you’re actually piggybacking off of that.

So you’d technically be able to pull a 5V line off of ANY PCB that connects via USB, because USB connects to a 5V line natively.


I was expecting that. I was perhaps hoping for something as simple as an arduino in terms of direct power haha. I suppose I could use the arduino for excess lights. Once I start building perhaps I’ll put progress here if you guys happen to have suggestions along the way.

Edit: Fellow Canadians, where do you guys buy the parts? Ordered from the states?