New to CvS2, from SFA3

I was introduced to Street Fighter in June when I got Alpha Anthology for the PS2. I’ve been practicing in SFA3 since then, with Rolento as my main character, and have gotten quite good at him.

Recently, I got CvS2, and fired up Rolento as usual. While the character wasn’t so different, I discovered to my surprise that my SFA3 tactics didn’t work at all against the CvS2 AI. What I do usually is scout jump, pogo stick in midair, then attack low, then do a patriot circle as an opening. Then I continue pressuring the opponent with high/low attacks.

Anyway, this post is not meant to be entirely about Rolento. Do you guys have any tips for a guy coming from SFA3? Should I be practicing a different character?


Well, CVS2 is a team game. Competition is almost exclusively Ratio Mode, as that is all the arcade supports. So you will want to pick up at least 2 other characters.

Were you using Variable Combos in A3? If so, you may want to try your hand at A groove and learn some of it’s best character’s: Blanka, Sakura, Bison, Vega.

If you are more comfortable with the Classic Alpha style, use C groove, and try to pick up guys like Sagat, Blanka, Cammy, Guile, Chun-Li, E.Honda.

You should also take some time, once you’ve gotten used to the way the game plays and try out K groove. Most people find one of these 3 grooves and use it exclusively. So play around with stuff and find out what is comfortable.

Well he can be one of the rare people to pick up P or N groove, don’t touch S groove and just think it doesn’t exsist cause its trash.

P groove would be fine if you ever played 3s for the parrys.

N groove if you played KoF 97 for the 3 stock.

But since you coming from a SF game then yeah learn Sagat and Blanka or 2 other characters you just liked to play also in SFA3 that is in CvS2.

And put your ratio 2 as your last character to start off, since I see alot of new people don’t understand what that is suppose to do.

Yeah, stay away from S-groove, unless you really get bored with this game or are ridiculously good or something. You could pick up P or N, I run N myself and love it, but most people stick with the big 3: C, A, K.

If all you want is to beat the CPU then just do RC Patriot Circles all day, it will beat whatever the CPU throws at you.

And RC Scouter jumps.

Hey, I play S-groo…never mind, I’m extremely bored.

I came from playing A3 to this game. I played A3 for a quite alot of years, as it was actually the only game I played when I first started.

Rolento plays very much the same from A3 iirc, I was more of a V-Akuma/Ryu player.