New to CvS2? Read here before asking questions!

CvS2 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do all these abbreviations like QCF, HP and CC mean?
A: Just go to Maj’s Sonic Hurricane site here:

Q: I keep hearing about frames. What are they?
A: I’ve already written an article about this which should answer pretty much every question you might have about frames. See it here:

Q: How do I go about creating CC’s for my characters?

Q: What is a roll cancel?
A: Roll cancelling (RCing) is a very exploitable glitch in CvS2, accomplished by cancelling the first 3 frames of any roll directly into a special move (and certain other things, like supers and stuff). This gives the roll-cancelled special move the properties of the roll in addition to whatever special properties it already had. Translation? Your roll-cancelled special move becomes invincible. It’s important to note that like rolls, most RCed moves can be thrown as well. The only exception are moves that are airborne (shoto hurricanes) or are naturally invincible anyway (shoto uppercuts). Contrary to popular belief, the length of invulnerability time on the RCed move is not the same as the character’s roll. RC invulnerability time is somewhere between 17~21 frames for every character. This last part should be common sense, but RCs can only be performed in grooves that have the ability to roll.

Q: Are Roll Cancels legal in tournament play?
A: Yep.

Q: Should they be allowed?
A: This is a never-ending debate that won’t die for as long as CvS2 is being played. It’s been discussed to death already, so I’ll just glaze over the main arguments real quick:

The main focus of the Pro-RC argument is that it balances the game better, makes it more interesting, adds depth, takes focus away from low fierce, etc. The main focus of the Con-RC argument is that it’s an unintended glitch, it’s “not street fighter”, it’s overpowered, etc. Form your own opinions, but realize that for better or worse, RCs ARE allowed in tournament play.

Q: How do I RC a move?
A: It’s just like I said above: you cancel the first three frames of your roll into a special move. Translation? Do a motion for a special move and throw a LP+LK somewhere in there before you finish it. As the 3 frame window above suggests, RCs must be done very quickly to work. If you’ve ever done kara throws in 3S or Hwoarang’s RF 3~4 in Tekken, you should have a general idea of how fast you have to press the buttons.

Q: I suck at RCing. Any tips?
A: Check my old post here:

Button tap specials like Blanka’s RC elec and Chun’s RC legs aren’t covered there, so I’ll explain it real quick:

Button tap specials are performed by doing five of the appropriate inputs. So, pressing a punch button five times in a quick succession will always result in an electricity if using Blanka. Pressing more than one button at the same time only counts as one input, so pressing PPP will count as one punch input. Pressing roll (LP+LK) will still only count as one input, but the game will accept it as either a punch OR a kick input. So, RCing stuff like Blanka’s electricity can be accomplished by hitting 3 punch inputs, then roll, then a last punch input quickly after. This all must be done very fast. There’s two different general techniques for RCing button tap moves:


The :lp:,:mp:,:hp: is accomplished by “piano’ing” your index, middle and ring fingers from left to right over the punch buttons. You then quickly hit roll, then IMMEDIATELY hit HP after for the fifth input. Many people have problems piano’ing left to right, and they usually do it this way:


This has a few disadvantages compared to the above method, mainly the impracticality of doing RC elec off of whiffed jabs or shorts.

Q: How do I fight against RCs?
A: People inexperienced against RCs often make the mistake of denying that they exist and will often keep challenging them over and over with different moves. You cannot outprioritize an RC. They are invincible. Can you beat an RCing player? Definitely. Here’s an old post I made which should help:

Q: I keep hearing about this crazy CvS2 guidebook. Where can I buy one?

Q: There’s like 5 different platforms for CvS2. Are there any differences?
A: For obvious reasons, everything will be compared to the arcade version of the game.

Dreamcast: For all intents and purposes, arcade perfect. There have been some complaints about speed differences between the arcade and DC versions, but it’s an established fact that there IS no standard arcade speed. Different arcade cabinets all set on the default speed of 3 will have slight (sometimes major) speed differences for no apparent reason.

PlayStation 2: Pretty much identical to the DC version (and therefore, identical to the arcade), the PS2 version does sport slightly higher resolution. Nothing game-affecting, though.

EDIT: Yun has a really random game-crashing glitch: hit the opponent with a You Hou super, then immediately do the qcb+P palm move after. Game crashes for no apparent reason.

X-Box: Lots of differences here.[list]
[]EO Mode: The Easy Operation Mode lets players do special moves and supers at the touch of a single button. Obviously aimed at beginners and mashers.
]System: RCs are completely removed. Not sure if other glitches (OTG grab CCs, tech throw glitch, etc) were removed.
Grooves: S-Groove reportedly charges its gauge faster. P-Groove gets the (amazingly broken) ability to do super cancels. A-Groove can jump and whiff an air attack and still activate CC afterwards. They can also cancel most connected air attacks into CC as well.
[*]Characters: Sagat, Blanka and Cammy all get a 5% damage reduction across the board. Certain characters I can’t remember got a 5% damage boost, I think it was something like Dan, King, Kyosuke, Maki, Eagle, Gief, Yuri, and I think Zangief…? On a more specific level, the only real tweaks found were that A-Maki can no longer juggle a CC after her punch throw in the corner, the Kim infinite doesn’t work and Cammy bounces a lot higher on a blocked DP. Hibiki still can juggle a CC off of her kick throw for whatever reason though.[/list]

And… that’s all I can remember at the moment. There are certain false rumors being spread around by XBox lovers, like the top tier characters’ moves having less priority and Sak/Bison’s CCs doing less damage. Don’t believe them.

Gamecube: I don’t know exactly for sure, but it should be exactly the same as the XBox version. I’ve heard random rumors about stuff like Sagat not being able to buffer supers off of his low fierce, haven’t had a chance to check them though. EDIT: this has been confirmed to be true.

If there’s any general questions that I’ve missed, list em here and I’ll add em in.

lastly, here’s here’s a ton of threads with commonly asked questions.

Here’s one you forgot:

I’m new to SRK. What do all these abbreviations like lp, qcf, dp, etc mean?

light punch --> lp or jab
mid punch ----> mp or strong
hard punch —> hp or fierce
light kick —> lk or short
mid kick -----> mk or forward
hard kick ----> hk or Roundhouse (RH)
qcf --> quarter circle forward
qcb --> quarter circle back
hcf --> half circle forward
hcb --> half circle back
RC --> roll cancle
JD --> just defend
DP --> dragon punch
j. --> jumpin
c. --> crouchin
sj. -> superjump
s. --> standing

I’m still working on it. Just thought i’d show what i had so far since it’s relevant to this thread and since it really does come up often.

Tight. Editing first post now.

this is a pretty simple newbie question:
how do you hit someone’s back? as in (with ryu): jump over a guy and RK the back of their head (while in the air).

I can’t seem to do this. not sure if i’m jumping to close/far and when i’m supposed to hit the kick button.

its called a crossup, not every character has one, but with ryu: its jumping medium kick, its pretty easy :wink: i think you’re trying to do hard kick, which would only connect if they were ducking but noone should duck when you are jumping…

anyway:, just try it =) and for your own sake: if someone you play knows crossups too: block the other way =)

THANKS a lot! :china:

is there a FAQ that lists all the available cross-ups? i think it would be a nice addition to this thread for newbies like me.

May want to add the link to JC’s FAQ. Write something like for any more information you want it’s probably in here

Feel free to delete my post if you add the link.

Nope, nothing comprehensive. You should be a team player and make one. All it takes is a little thorough research.

Crossups off the top of my head
Shotos/Sakura/Rugal/Blanka/Geese/Athena/Dan/Dhalsim(hold back)/-mk
Sagat/Cammy/Guile/Chun li/Bison/Iori(hold back)Nakoruru-lk
Rock (ducking opp.)/Rolento/Kim/Terry/Bison (ducking opp.)-hk
Zangief/Raiden-down forward hp in the air (splash)
Honda-down forward mk (splash)

One’s i’m not sure but I know they have crossups
Todo-mk (don’t know if they have to duck or not)

i’ll try to do more later. gotta go to work.

I have a noob question. What’s a reset?

if you hit someone while theyre in the air with jab for example, they will fall back on their feet, if theu’re not ready for it, you can unleask all knids ox mixups, etc. The point is: You have more options to do then your opponent blocking…

How do you successfully do the following?

  1. Counter Attack
  2. Counter Movement
  3. Air Combo
  4. Chain Combo
  5. Cancel a move (not just rolls)


What should also be mentioned is for those who have CvS2 on Gamecube or Xbox (CvS2:EO) There is no roll-cancelling at all.

I was thinking about making an extensive Bread & Butter combo list for each character, but the problem is I don’t know most character’s BnB =/ Maybe a comprehensive list should be made to give newbies reliable basic combos to use (for example, Hibiki’s cr. short x3, cr. jab, qcf + jab/strong)

1.) Counter Attacks = f + mp + mk (while blocking)
2.) Counter Movement = f + lp + lk or b + lp + lk )while blocking)
3.) Air Combo is basically being able to chain normal moves in the air. This “ability” is from the Groove Edit Mode I believe, and basically, you can jump in with a light kick, and as it hits, you can chain a hard kick to it. (I believe this is the definition, correct me if I’m wrong)
4.) Chain combo is basically the same thing as Air combo, except done on the ground. You can chain normal attacks that normally are not possible to chain together, such as (crouching hard punch, crouching hard kick)
5.) Cancelling moves is also from Groove Edit Mode I believe, and it’s basically being able to cancel any special move into something else. We’ll take Ryu for example, (qcf + p, qcf qcf +p) So basically, it’s a fireball, cancelled into a super fireball, because you have activated this ability.

Hope that helps.


Hey Chen, thanks a lot, that makes it much easier. I play the XBOX version so I never heard or even read of cancelling rolls, so once again, thanks for the heads up!

One other question, in creating a good custom groove, what do you guys suggest is a great combination?

Chen, one more question, when you say press f + MP + MK, do you mean while I’m pressing back, I have to quickly press f + MP + MK?

Q- what’s the best CC to do in certain situations with this character?

A- read this…

While your character is in block stun just do the command above



How about, “What system would you recommend playing on?”

Or, “Should I throw my PS2 at my DC, never buy X-Box and just go to the arcades?”