New to Decapre



So I understand the basics, like charge buffering and basic combos. I’m just curious about one thing. How are people able to fadc into u2? Such as Sting>FADC>U2?




Hey, not sure if you ever found your answer, since certain people (malvadisco) would rather be a dick than be helpful whenever possible. Anyways, this is almost impossible since the 1.05 update - technically still possible (edit: only after a ground n pound > stinger juggle, or an anti-air stinger) - but at this point, it’s probably not worth learning unless you’re training to be an EVO champ. (Even then, still unreliable that top Decapre players like Infiltration don’t go for it)

How FADC Ultra works with charge Ultras is pretty complicated and not easy to do. You can practice with Guile’s Flash Kick FADC Sonic Hurricane, if you want. Basically, when you do your initial uppercut (Stinger for Decapre, Flash Kick for Guile) you have to keep your back charge the whole time. So, inputs should be down-back, up-back + HP/HK (depending on char), back + focus, dash forward, back, forward PPP/KKK.

You have to do it fast enough that it holds the charge throughout the movement, which basically translates to really f***ing fast. Anyways, with Decapre’s U2, you were able to end it in up-forward and it would give you the AA version of her U2. Now, it needs the down-charge again, so the only way it will work is if you can keep the down-charge through the whole thing - so you have to be extremely quick on the Stinger. I’m not 100% sure if you have to keep the stick down while dashing as well - but either way, it’s reallllly hard to do now.

One thing that is still possible though is Ground n Pound > Stinger xx FADC > U1


I can do it if i combo into the sting but it is impossible for me to do it from a raw sting.


thats because when doing xx sting you can late cancel the mk and charge buffering from db, ub, db netting you the require charge time needed

raw sting cant use those techniques properly so i dont think you can raw sting fadc u2 unless you are waking up or getting out of blockstun (in short reversal situations)

are you happy now plasma?


Hey guys I recently picked up Decapre after really taking an interest in her and I’ve been really trying to put in the time to learn everything about her and be the best Decapre I can be. If there are any veteran Decapre players out there that would wanna’ help me train and really level up my game or even just play a few games or whatever I’m definitely down. I have a good amount of SF knowledge and I’m really dedicated and, although I love to have fun, I take it seriously because this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Just wanted to give some background. I play on Xbox 360 and gt is XBroken13 so feel free to add me up and maybe I’ll get lucky and find myself an awesome coach/training partner and we can both elevate our game to new heights. Thanks for taking the time to read this.




Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. I gave up trying for it after a month worths of work in the lab. I guess I’ll stick to it as an anti-air and such.