New to Dudley (Must here this alot)



So I am new to Dudley. I have always liked the character but I wanted to learn the game first before I started playing this beast. I have played Ryu and Akuma for the majority of the time and I am tired of their play style, not classy at all besides dudley is the man. Here is a video of me (day 2) playing him. I have watched the tut and smug. Tut is awesome btw
I still have some of my Ryu/Akuma habits. Although playing Dudley is hard he is fun. Thanks!


Always nice to see a convert. I guess your goal is to ask for some critique although you didn’t state it. From watching the video, it is clear you are used to the usual shoto play so here are some notes:

Don’t use Machine Gun Blow as if it were a fireball, from mid or long range out of nothing. Most moves will stop it cold. You always want to be close to the opponent, but there are safer ways.
Jet Upper can’t be used as shoryukens even if they look the same. All regular version of Jet Upper lack invincibility, so it can’t beat meaties. You will have to rely on either blocking right, backdashes and other more honest stuff.
Whenever you confirm a jab or many other fast normals, go for combos.


Awesome thank you! I have been working on my hit confirms and I do have a problem, whenever I try to combo after hit confirming c.lp I can not combo. I tryo to c.lp, c.lp, into machine gun punch I guess I still suck lol