New to Evo and need advice


Me and my friend are hoping to participate Evo 2012 this year. But we both are only 15. I was wondering if we should still go because we are pretty young. And also if we do go any advice for people that are new to Evo?


How are you getting there? Where are you staying? Do you have money? Did you ask for your parents’ permission before going online?


Let me hijack this thread for a little. What activities are there for the under 21 crowd? I’m currently 20, so other than stuff at the venue itself, is there anywhere they don’t ask for ID in vegas?


It’ll be my first Evo also, and I’m on the same boat as you, Stumblebee (20 years old). Last time I went to Vegas was when I was 18. All I got to really do was buy cigarettes and go into an adult store, lol. It was pretty lame. This year, hopefully I can do a bit more.

After playing my rounds, I’m probably going to do the touristy things like go sightseeing and shopping, see some shows and possibly go clubbing if there’s any actual 18+ clubs (that will probably suck anyway). There’s also this little FAQ I found for the 18-20 crowd:

If you really like arcades, then there’s Gameworks and Gemini Arcade (specifically for folks who like music games).


Gameworks and Gemini Arcade are both pretty great. If you want to meet up with some of the Vegas crew you can swing over to the Vegas Donks thread here on SRK. My main recommendation to you guys would be to just chill in the hotels with friends and get someone to procure some refreshments for you, if you get what I mean. Then party it up. No real need to leave the hotels/event. The three days go by really fast.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Gameworks is no more. I just came back from Vegas three weeks ago. I heard there was a bar in Fremont called Insert Coin or something and it’s a gamer’s bar. They even have console games. However, like many places in Vegas this place is 21 and above.


Just checked to verify that-- yep, it’s gone. Shows how often I went there haha, I live in Vegas and never even noticed.

Right, well then, if you want some place to go go to Gemini. You need to make sure you let some Vegas people know you’re going though if you want to play fighters, otherwise all they have is music games.


I’d check out the pinball hall of fame, great lil arcade/pinball spot as well.


i literaly LOL’d from the ask your parent from going online part


uhh you two alone? how the heck are you getting there and back?


Its my firat time at Evo this year aswell im 18 so if anyone at the hotel want to do some casuals we can do that since i can already see mostly everything is 21 and above.


I already know the date of the evo, but what about the time of when the evo starts?


8AM…quite early.


Original post was made on 4/10 and the op hasn’t posted since. Clearly his parents said no.

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Ah ok.thanks.