NEW to EVO and the public fighting game scene


This will be my first year at EVO. I will be competing in UMvC3. Just wanna hear some tips or advice on what to expect. Also if anyone knows, can i bring some friends to spectate for the first two days without them paying? I know for the grand finals you need a pass right?


Expect to have a lot of fun! :wink:


The first 2 days anyone can hang out. On Sunday u need the spectator pass to be in the main ballroom. Since u play MvC3 I’d say Saturday will be a fun day to hang out in the hall, especially saturday night when the semis go down, it’s fun to watch the high level play (unless ur in the semis urself). If you’re not in tourney and in the hall just look for some casuals.


You guys go regularly? I was planning for this to be my first evo ournament in general but I have summer college classes so i cant :frowning: I know I would lose so is it worth it to fly there and lose next summer? Hows fun is it regardless?


Cid: it doesn’t matter if you go 0-2 in the tourny, its all about the experience of seeing literally couple thousands of people who love Fighting Game get hype over certain moment, and were u can actually talk to high level players as “equal” (fellow FGC players):

IF u wanna see hype, just watch this video:


watch this and decide will it be worth it for u…


I remember watching that. I think I wont take summer classes next year. Since you put it like that I guess I should go have a good time lol