New to fanart gallery forum

Hi, I guess I thought it’d be a nice idea to come in this forum, been on srk for years and never thought to mingle with the art heads of srk. Anyways, I’m a studying student got much to improve on but here’s my deviantart. I’ll be uploading stuff on srk soon but I thought I’d introduce myself at least with deviant art account.

yes, I’m a potato that is flashing yellow with double hits, and take a little bit from your meter, but I hope I’m worth it lol

nice stuff you’ve got in your gallery, Nokato. Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork!
welcome to SRK fanart :slight_smile:

Thanks, I plan to post more here as well as my deviant art acct.

Nice stuff man. Very solid skills overall. Your style has a bit of hip-hop and anime feel to it.

i like your stuff, post more…

Hey, do I know you!?

Sup man. He need’s a bigger nose lol.

lol, sir you are full of the lol…what up? I’m mad X-Men COTA gets no love in the poll!
I was all ready to draw Psylocke Assist lol…or Storm triangle Jump Fierce (HOH! HOH! HOH!)