New to FGC


Hey SRK,

So I’m not new to Street Fighter, but I’m definitely new to the FGC. I’ve been playing SF for a few years now (used to play II when I was a kid I guess), and I have a decent online resume for it (a B+ Seth) but I’m starting to believe that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to actual competition.

Last weekend I went to my first competition, and was, in short, destroyed. I made it one set in, then was eliminated and sent to losers. When they decided to stream my match in losers, I was made fun of by the commentators because my game was so scrubby. Watching the replay of it was a nightmare hahah.

I’m feeling kind of discouraged, because I was hoping to go and make friends but instead I was just ragged on because I didn’t have any answer to the guy who destroyed me. The worst part of it all was I didn’t even button check properly and didn’t have my all 3s working until match point. Really embarrassing shit.

I want to shape up my game so this type of thing doesn’t happen again, but for that to happen, I need good competitive players I can practice with on PSN. The players I encounter online just aren’t at the same level the people at this tournament were.

I’d send you guys the link to the recorded stream of me losing but it’s pretty humiliating haha.

My PSN is *Eventually *

Looking forward to being an active member on these forums and getting to know you all.
And also to outgrow my scrubiness.


Don’t get discouraged. It always happens when someone has been grinding online, but when they finally go to an offline gathering they get rocked. Happened to me too, but it was expected and now I know what I need to work on.

Check regional matchmaking. Playing offline you’ll become much much better.

If you’re gonna play online then don’t take it 100%.
Go for Endless > Ranked.


whoa, had no idea something like this even existed
thanks man =)


Don’t get discouraged from commentators talking trash. Most of the ones that do that are inexperienced and are just trying to show off how much they know by dissing someone that’s newer to the game. They’re probably not at a very high level either. As you get better, it’s easier to see the mistakes that other players do. It’s kinda a dick move to make fun of someone who’s clearly newer at the game.


Rule of thumb…Stream Monsters are 99% worse than you.
At least you showed up.

Keep at it.


people who talk trash are mainly trash players.
ignore them and try playing offline matches more with real people.


This… So much this.