new to FGC


Hello SRK.
This is my first post on SRK and just wanted to say hi to everyone. I am a rather new player and playing mostly SSF4:AE. I have around 500 PP and 1500 BP with my Ryu. I know that I am not very good and usually lose 80%+ of my matches online. I had played SSF4 originally when it first came out and I mostly used Honda. I was able to do ok with Honda, but I never learned how to actually play the game. Evo 2k12 sparked my interest to pick up and play the game again after over a year of not playing it. I wanted to start fresh. I have currently watched the vesperarcade tutorial front to back twice now. I am practicing my plinks and grinding out mostly in the training room. I even did my first FADC into ultra today (granted I mashed most of it out). I want to mostly stick to Ryu until I can get good with him. I also own sfxtk which I didn’t like as much as ssf4, but I am better at the game than AE. I also own UMC3 which my wife got me, but I amnot very good at that either. I want to stick with AE only for the time being, and learn how to play better.
My user name on PSN is Durane if anyone want to play sometime, maybe I could learn a thing or two.



In case you haven’t already read all the stickies, go check out the Ryu subforum, find your local scene, play offline as much as possible, etc etc.

Just enjoy yourself don’t read too much into the BB/PP points… Play smart(er), learn from your mistakes, and remain calm.


You should also watch some high level ryu play on youtube(don’t worry about doing everything exactly as they do) and get an idea of how to work around situations.

Also don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for advice from people who are better than you. Never give up