New to fight sticks..HELP!

I have been playing SF2THDR with the standard 360 controller for about a month now. As expected, i have found it very difficult to consistantly pull of moves that require the z like input such as the dragon punch. I thouht things would improve with a fight stick, and i got myself a HRAP EX…but things havent improved.

To practice, i decided to do 100 hadoukens and shoryukens alternately. Out of the 50 dragon punches, i seem to get only about 15-20 right. Obviously im doing something incorrectly. Is there any suggestions you could give, or should i resign to the fact that im lousy with the game…??

Anyway, back to practice…hadouken, shoryuken, hadouken, shoo…


buy a arcade stick or a gamepad made for fighting games. Shitty input = Shitty output!

The d-pad on that 360 controller wont do it for the input.

already have a HRAP EX. Would installing a octagonal gate help? The EX comes with a square gate as standard fit