New to fight sticks (kinda) & some SSF4AE questions


Hello srk I have just ordered my first fight stick and am expecting it in the mail in the next few day. I’v used sticks before but this will be the first time I’ll be using one regularly, so naturally I have a few questions. Now I understand nothing is gonna beat good ol’ fashioned practice and hard work but I need some advice. So my first question is this, do you guys have any good practice routines that might help me get used to the feel of a stick a little faster? second question, I’m a long time Ken and Dan player, not a noob but defiantly could use some work so are there any videos or forum threads for basic combos and tips and tricks for those characters? and maybe also some more advanced basics( oxymoronic I know)for the game in general(SSF4AE to be specific). One Last question any guile players out there that could show me some tutorials for learning the ropes with guile?

Thanks for your time.


Feel free to ask questions in the pinned threads or make new threads of your own on the SF4 forums. They do need a little more love.

Ken subforum

Dan subforum

For Guile, you can check out this thread on charging

He has his own subforum too:

Youtube is your best friend too. No shortage of matchvids and tutorials over there, especially for SF4.


Cool, thanks for the help. I’v picked up a few things from you tube already just need to watch more vids and poke around srk a little more. hopefully with a lot of practice and some guidance from srk I can start to get good.