New to fighters - Looking for advice on choosing a character


So I’m new to this genre of game, I’ve ordered myself a stick and bought SSF4 but the list of characters is a little daunting to say the least. What advice could you offer a complete newbie when choosing a character?


…strange but true…you should choose the character you want to play.


Pick a top tier


There are characters who don’t have much in the way of gimmicks - they basically force you to learn the basics whether you want it or not. Those are typically good choices, so check if any of them interest you (Ryu/EvilRyu/Ken, Guile, Balrog, M. Bison, maybe Fei Long). If none seem to be interesting, just whatever character seems fun and makes you stick with the game. Just be mindful of learning to use the characters’ normal moves, or “buttons” properly. Special moves may be flashy, a character’s normals are in most cases the heart and soul of how he plays.

If you just want cheap wins pick something like Cammy or Ibuki, learn their autopilot sequences and enjoy easy wins against people who don’t yet know how to defend that.

Apart from those guidelines, we can’t choose your character for you because we aren’t you(and these threads are forbidden in game-specific sections because of that). Just experiment, find out what seems good and go with it.

Also, watch this:

And then this to help you pick better comfort moves from the get go:




Most any choice is a good one so long as it isn’t the “I’m going to take this awful character and be good with him anyway” autofail. If you are planning on playing to win, then you would need to learn the game mechanics enough to understand why those characters are supposedly awful. Also, there are some characters that are basically one-trick-ponies, like Ibuki, where learning to do well with that character probably won’t help you with 95% of anything else in fighting games.


This is a pretty nice link to give you an overview of what characters you could use when starting the game.


Thanks for all the advice guys, I’ve been really interested in Seth’s game play the teleports look cool. If I went with Seth as my character to learn, would this give me a good basic grasp of the game? Or is Seth a “1 trick pony”?


Moving to the newbie dojo.


Honestly beat the arcade mode with every character first, then go on line and bring every character to D+ in ranked matches. keep notes on which characters you win with the easiest, then pick a main from that list and a few back ups to play when frustration/bordom hits. Also, later in your gaming if you comeacross a character that you find hard to beat, play that character.


Seth isn’t a one-trick pony, per se, but rather a godawfully huge bag of them. But Seth’s gameplay is about as far from fundamentally sound (or, indeed Street Fighter -esque) as you can get.


Learn the basics and try out everyone. In time you will find someone who feels right for you.


learned alot from thos vids thanks man.