New to fighters; where should I begin?

I am interested in starting to dive into the fighting game genre. I have access to a Wii and a shitty PC that I will be upgrading over the holidays. Which game would you recommend out of the list that I have been pondering, and why? Which are accessible to newcomers while providing a lot of depth? Which are more active than others?

-Tatsunoku vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars (Wii)
-Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Steam)
-Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (Steam)
-King of Fighters XIII (Steam)
-Skullgirls (Steam)
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Project M (Wii)

I am leaning towards those available on the Wii, but I would like some input from those seasoned in this video game genre as well. I am interested in a mixture of local and online play (mostly local with some online or vice-versa depending on which game(s) I ultimately end up purchasing).

Thank you!

Well pretty much every fighting game made nowadays is accessible with a lot of depth. Out of the ones you listed, I’d be more inclined to say that the Wii ones will have smaller online bases or just overall terrible online play (mostly because of how Wiis are setup nowadays). The PC communitites for Skullgirls, KoF, and MK are probably all tiny. That’s not to say that the AE community is huge by any means, but it’s probably a lot bigger than the other games. Since I am personally mostly concerned about online play, I’d have to recommend AE. Any of those games can get you started on fighting games though.

Watch videos of them all, and pick whichever one really calls out to you. It is more important to play a game that you are passionate about than the most popular one. That being said playing SF4 is a great game that not only has a thriving international community but will also teach you pretty much everything you need to know about fighting game fundamentals, which will be transferable to any future games you play. However starting with SF is quite a serious endeavor, I started my transition into the fighting game genre by playing MK9 for a few months. That game will reward you for even a moderate amount of effort, and you can start busting out some slick looking 7 hit combos on day 1, whereas SF you will be lucky to link together two medium punches with any consistency.

This is not true. The PC communities for Skullgirls and KoF are both quite large; in fact, everybody who plays Skullgirls online plays on PC now, and I can’t imagine anyone playing KoF on anything but PC.

That said, SF4 is certainly the most newbie-friendly on your list. The PC community for SF4 isn’t huge, but it’s big enough to find games, especially if you happen to live in Europe. Since it seems you are completely new to fighters, I would recommend starting with SF4, or trying SF4/Skullgirls/KoF and seeing which one appeals to you the most. If you like Smash, buy Melee instead.

I’d take SSF4, KoF13 or Skullgirls on pc.
I started out with SSF4 cuz I loved that game as a kid and so far it hasn’t disappointed.

Dunno what you like, take a look at the games and decide for yourself.
Skullgirls is dirt cheap all year long and I got SSF4 for like 5 bucks on a Steam Summer Sale.
KoF is probably the biggest investment and the “hardest” game out of the 3, but that shouldn’t discourage you if you really like it.

Whoops sorry. The more you know. Do you have a rough estimate on numbers for the KoF/Skullgirls PC communities? I made an incorrect assumption because I was thinking he’d have trouble finding lobbies with different people for those games.

SSF4 has 668 concurrent players right now and peaked today at 876 players.
My guess is that Skullgirls/KoF are about half of that and SSF4 will drop off the chart soon as well since those numbers are boosted by the recent Capcom Steam sale.

I’d probably ditch the Wii altogether, if you are serious about playing online.

Out of those PC games you listed, Skullgirls will have the best netcode, hands down. The rollback netcode means your inputs will not suffer when you are on a laggy connection. But it also depends on where you live and how good your internet connection is.

Personally, I play KOFXIII. I’m not a newbie to fighters, but i’m a newbie to KOF and SG. SG is an awesome game, but I’m not a fan of the really long combos. I find learning them to be way too boring to compel me to stick with the game. In KOF, I can hop online only knowing basic combos and the basic mechanics of the game, and I’m able to have a good time. And I really don’t get any noticeable lag online in it, but I live in a major city in the center of the US and have a good cable connection.

I’m not big into SF4, but it definitely has the largest community out of any PC fighter. The netcode won’t be better than SG though.

I think the best thing you can do is play them all and decide which one works for you. They all play very differently, so it’s hard to recommend anything.

Another option, is GGPO. It’s an arcade emulator with an amazing netcode(the same netcode as Skullgirls). You might have a better time trying to run those games on a dated PC too, since they are old arcade games. KOF2002 has the most people online, followed by KOF98. But you can still find people to play on other games.

Very good advice, thank you. Are there any videos in particular for each game that you would heartily recommend? My only fighting game exposure has been SSBM (years ago) and watching EVO 2013 on Twitch.

I have an ethernet cable handy with great internet on my college campus, so I don’t think that should be an issue (East US). Until the holidays my only constraint will be my dated computer.

I will definitely check out a lot of videos of each and see which appeals to me the most.

Does KOF2002 have a stronger online community than KOFXIII?

Nah, just watch people playing the games and see which one appeals. I really would recommend SF4 if you’re starting out on PC though; it’s worlds easier than KoF or Skullgirls. If it’s your first fighting game ever, you’d do well with starting there and then moving to something else if you find the game too slow.

Skullgirls is heavily populated, I would guess almost as much as SF4 until recently, but it’s practically all NA players who have no idea what they’re doing. The serious players are all on PC as well, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of in-between. That’s partially the nature of the game, though. As for KoF, not sure, I haven’t played it too much since the beta. Every time I see it mentioned in IRC, it’s being played over PC, and I know PC has the best netcode + PS3 is a wasteland.

You can follow the activity of any Steam game here:

KOF2002 does have more people online at once in GGPO, and most of those people are actually there to play other people, while most of the people in KOFXIII are more than likely in practice mode. But KOFXIII is definitely the game to play if you are serious about the scene, since it’s played at Evo and a lot of local events. Plus, KOF2002 will likely have more hardcore players online, which is fine if you’re godlike, but not too fun for a beginner. And KOFXIII is beautiful, while, imo, KOF2002 is fugly.

Still, GGPO is a cheaper option, and maybe a better one if your hardware is too shitty to play KOFXIII.

I throw in a vote for watching videos on Youtube to figure out what seems the most “fun.”

If you’re still undecided, I’d go for SFIV on PC. The roster is big enough you’re likely to find someone you enjoy playing, its community has been consistently active for years and will probably continue to be active for many more, and there’s a ton of resources created for newer players such as yourself. KOFXIII or GGPO would be my runner-up options.

I can only recommend a video from SF4 since that is the only game I take seriously, but here is the video that made me decide I was going to play this game

Play whatever you like. KOF isn’t hard, just different :).

Do you plan on going to tournaments or events?

KOF 13 is fairly hard. The thing is, you get punished really fucking badly in that game.

Might want to check out Skullgirls. Online is gdlk. Training mode was made for you. And you might like the gameplay.

Someone gifted me SS4AE on Steam, so I’m all set.

Thank you all for your opinions! Time to start researching pads/arcade sticks.

Definitely check out DarkSakul’s thread on Sticks. Mad informative!!!

When I started fighting games, I read every guide I could find, WHILE watching high level gameplay from pros. When I actually started playing I trained, using the info I found from the guides, and, I may have lost my first match, but every mistake I encountered, I hit up the training room and made it so it would never happen again. Now I’m at 1,300 pp. So I guess the main point of this is to keep practicing, and don’t just learn from from your mistakes, perfect them.