New to fighters, willing to learn, investing in a stick. Question: Xbox vs PS3


So basically, I am fairly new to the traditional 2D fighters. I have plenty of Super Smash Bros. Melee experience but I know that a lot of people on Shoryuken don’t really consider that a fighting game. Fair enough, I can put that aside.

I am very interested in getting familiar with MvC3. I have it on the 360 and I have a regular, none TE SFIV stick. I am going to invest in a TE stick very soon but what I want to know is should I get it on the 360 or PS3?

What is the most commonly used console for tournament play? I was thinking of just getting the TE stick for 360 and if I end up going to a lot of tournaments then I’ll just get a second one. But would that be foolish if most tournaments use the PS3 version? Also, is there a way to mod the stick so it can be used on both consoles?

Thanks in advance for the answers!


Get the 360 stick.
From what I gather…it’s easier to dualmod.

Has helpful links on how to do customs on your stick.


yeah, in terms of tournaments i think it largely depends on your region, and what the organizers decide to use. here in socal it’s mostly 360, but evo is ps3, etc. i’d say the most important thing is to make friends at sessions, because everyone has sticks, and generally if you roll with peeps to tournaments then they’ll let you borrow their sticks if there is a console issue. but yeah, check for the major tournaments in your region, because the guys that throw majors tend to be the same guys year after year, and they tend to use the same consoles.

but yeah, i hear that 360 sticks are way easier to dual mod. with that said, you should also check to see how much a dual mod will actually cost you. some dudes charge like 100 bucks, which means it probably makes more sense just to buy another TE in those cases. some dudes dual mod for cheap though, so in those cases its worth it.


I recommend getting an Xbox 360 version as it is generally easier to dual mod. Check out the arcade stick sticky for more information.


get the 360 version & dual mod it.


dual modding is really easy to do - get the 360 stick