New to Fighters

Hi SRK community, I recently started to play fighting games competitively because of how fun it looks. I’ve always had an interest in fighters since SFII, but never really played competitively. I picked up a fightstick and MvC3 yesterday, and have been practicing since.

Any advice for a new player?

pick wolverine, magneto, and akuma

Things I’ve learned in general from previous competitive gaming (Not fighting games specific)
1. The only long term proven way to get better at the game is going to be playing it constantly.
2. Keep track of your progress closely, sometimes it’s good to be able to see how you’ve improved and how you’ve gotten better to keep you from thinking you have been training for a long time and haven’t gone anywhere.
3. Kind of generic; Every time you lose you get more and more information on what you can do to improve at the game.
4. You may not take this tip seriously, but play for fun. Many people say they do, 99.9% of them still don’t. They play solely to win and usually are far more disappointing when they win, causing them to overlook things like simply watching the game over again to see where they went wrong.

Things I’ve learned so far in my attempt to go somewhere with fighting games (Fighting game specific)
1. Salty means mad/disgruntled.
2. Don’t idolize high level players as if they are gods who are on a level you will never be able to achieve.

I guess my tips are more “srs mode” for the situation, not sure what you are looking for, just some casual MvC3 tips or some general life lessons :stuck_out_tongue:

Please take the time to review the advice and knowledge on SRK.
There are wikis’ such as this one for MvC3:
Also…check out the subforums here. Everyone is sharing something new everyday.
If there is a question you could not find…don’t be afraid to ask.

If you really want to be good at your fighitng games: PUT IN THE WORK
Realize that you will not be a top player overnight…unless you made a bargain with Cadwalleder.

Learn from your losses…instead of whining like a bitch about them.

If you can…meet up with other players offline. Get involved with the community.
Smell good.
You can still meet other players online if you prefer.

Most of all…have fun.

you picked the wrong game

This but replace Akuma, Magneto with Deadpool and Dante or Sentenial.


Better advice; pick who you want to play, who feels comfortable, and who matches your playstyle.

Warning: This may take years and years of experience.

pick any two characters and then phoenix last :tup:

Maybe, if your a moron. He may use anyone but there is no excuse for someone wanting to be good yet taking a long time. A casual is a different story. Any dimwit can figure out how to play better at a video game, if your going to take years then go learn a new language or something.

I’m pretty much just talking about character choice. You’ll definitely get much better at the game along the way and learn a lot, and possibly even be extremely successful, but my point was that it takes some people a very long time to find the “right character for them.” Others, it takes a few days.

Agreed. Been playing since vanilla SF4, and my character has changed numerous times as my style has evolved. I’m sure the same would happen for Marvel if I played more.

And despite my efforts to avoid it in SF4 (and embrace it in all other games), I feel like my style says I’m a universal Ryu player.

The grass is always greener on the other side, but it’s only difficult to chose a spot when it’s all yellow.

Most of the people on SRK giving advice are shitty players, so take most of what you read on here with a grain of salt.

Don’t worry, I generally ignore those comments. :3

On thing that has helped me make learning fun is, I call it the “Combo of the week”. I choose a combo that i like, practice the crap out of it, and use it constantly the whole week to see how viable it is on my opponents. Did I learn anything from this combo this week? can I add more? is this combo too risky right now for me? can I do simpler one with more damage? take toll as to what you want to do man and have crazy fun!

Good friends online and off. No replacement for those. Learn from each other and improve on each other’s gameplay.

Pick a team that suits you. I haven’t played MvC3 in a while, but when I did I used a Magneto, Sentinel, Morrigan team. Morrigan was actually my best character.Of course I mostly played against a group of people who thought I was lying when I told them about frame data and hitboxes.:rofl: But still picking characters you feel comfortable with is key. In SSF4 (the first time I took a fighting game seriously) I sat down, decided Ibuki looked cool, and I haven’t looked back since.