New to Fighters

Hello, guys and girls, I’m very(10x) new to fighters and I want to get into it. I always heard of you guys almost in every Evo video i watched in Youtube. I heard of most games like Street Fighter, BlazBlue, SFxT, Tekken series, and Marvel vs Capcom, recently Injustice. I want to part of the fighting community because not just playing games but make friends as well. Everybody make it seem soooo fun to love fighters. I just brought my madcatz tekken tag tournament 2 arcade fight stick TE S today, but I don’t know where to start to play (I was looking at starting on Injustice). A little about myself I am born at Cali (best state lol) currently living in Texas; I love anime, video games, and comic books. Pretty much that’s all I want to say. I am sorry if posted this in the wrong section.

Welcome to the forums! I suggest reading through the stickied posts and FAQs in this Newbie Dojo section if you need some help figuring out what to do in fighting games.

I highly suggest you look through the Regional Matchmaking section in the southwest section to help find a local scene:

Although the forums and the internet are a great source of information, it’s a really awesome feeling being able to meet up with other people interested in fighting games as well, and they’ll be more inclined to teach you whatever game you’re interested in, as well as really getting to know the actual fighting game community near you.

EDIT: Oh, and for future reference, there’s no need to post introduction threads such as this. Feel free to read and post in any thread you’d like.