New to fighting games, could use some help

Alright, so I went to a friends house and we played Street Fighter 3 and Mortal Kombat 9. And it was great. So, I deicded I was going to try and get into fighting games. I’m making this thread to ask two questions: What is a good way to get better at fighting games and what is a good, semi-cheap fightstick? My price range for fightsticks would, at max, be around 100 dollars. The Hori EX2, VX and Datel Arcade Pro seem like good choices, but I heard it’s better to just get a more expensive ones. Thank you for your time.

For $100 you can’t really go wrong for a first stick. I like the Hori sticks as long as they come with Sanwa buttons, but you don’t know/care about that and it really won’t make a difference for the first few months of your fight streeting life.

A good way to get better at fighting games is a lot of knowledge and practice. You have to know what every button on every character does, and how to react/punish every button on every other character. It will take a lot of skillful execution in order to pull of the correct punishes at the right time, sometimes meaning you have to time your hits down to the 60th of a second.

You should start with some really basic primers, and I wrote up a good amount of how to get started with fighting games day one over here:

I have both a TE and a HORI RAP VX SA stick and prefer the HORI (don’t know why, just like the feel and size I guess) and they were both my “first sticks”. I’d say get a HORI and get ready to practice until it hurts.

$99 for a Madcatz pro from newegg.

or $99 for the Hori

You’ve linked the same thing twice. Unfortunately, they’re now out of stock, so I can’t get one anyhow. I was hoping to find a TE stick for about 100 dollars, assuming the price had gone down, but apparantly not.

If you can hold out a bit on buying a stick. Pretty much every single tournament for the last 6 to 8 months has had some kind of a mad catz sale where you can pickup the latest TE stick for $100 after a coupon code.

There is the anniversary tournament this weekend. Its possible there could be a sale. Just tune into the livestream for a bit and watch to get the code.

Where will i be able to watch the stream?

Usually on Watch the front-page of SRK or EventHubs. They usually link to them.

Personally, I got the Datel Arcade Pro and then modded in Sanwa parts, but it was a lot of work, you might wanna just go with the Hori EX2 or something like that.

Alright, I’ve found a Hori VX for 70 dollars and a MadCatz BrawlStick for 80, but I’m not sure which I want to get. I love modding, so the BrawlStick seems like the clear choice, but if I get the Hori, it’s less of a blow to my money (I’m 13, so I can’t exactly throw money away)