New to Fighting Games, looking for some unbelievable matches to catch up on!


Hey FGC, I’m Hezron. I’m brand spankin’ new to fighting games with only watching CEO orlando 2012 and because i’m a esports fan i happened to catch some of evo last year although i had no idea what was going on. The intensity of matches is what attracted me to fighting games. Like with Starcraft and LoL which are the two games i was into before, the match was won after like 10 minutes and then its just 20 more minutes of the opponent slowly losing. With fighting games its never over that’s what’s so awesome. Anyway, I hope to connect with many of you guys and to my request; can anyone point me to some replays of some of the hypest moments in SSFIV over the years its been out?







Thanks xlxlxlxl, that was crazy!


My personal favorite sf4 match to date is probably this one:


This one is also cool (ryu vs ryu makes for the best matches)


Once you learn to admire the beauty of plasma chucking, there are some hype ones:



^ evo 2009, first evo after the game was released. Everyone is still bad, crouch tech reigns supreme, justin plays a lot of characters and resets the bracket. Daigo is clearly unexperienced vs balrog


^ Don’t like poongko’s playstyle but he sure is a crowd pleaser




That reminds me



Wow, thanks Otori those were some great matches i can see why the daigo vs alex valle is your personal fav.


lol so funny, after 3 years of playing street fighter 4, i just started getting into playing Lol and starcraft 2 ;0


MooiBoy vs. DoomDomainn (Akuma vs. Ryu, DN6)

Dakou vs. Fuudo (Ryu vs. Fei, Shadowloo Showdown 2012)

Infiltration vs. Laugh (Akuma vs. Ryu, Dreamhack Summer 2012 Winners Finals & Grand Finals with some Seth-slaying inbetween)