New to fighting games looking to play with other players to learn

So I recently bought UMvC3 and this is my first fighting game and I was looking to have some friends to play this game with and learn from them. I play on 360 and my Gamertag is Cows say meeeow

Also my team as of now is


And I was watching a few videos and people are saying you need to learn how to wavedash to be effective with vergil, but how do I do that?

Look up character-specific forums (usually stickied threads in those)
Hit up the Online matchmaking section forums (SRK>Forums>Online Matchmaking), depending whether you’re on LIVE or PSN.

EDIT: also have a look atthis thread- should give you a lot of reading to understand the game.

if you want you can add me on 360 my gamertag is in my signature need to practice my doom