New to fighting games, what do i do now?


Hi everyone. It’s my second day trying to learn SSF4, or any fighting game really.

I learned all of sakura’s special moves, but i can’t pull them off every time yet.
I did some of her trials; i managed to do numbers 10, 11, and 14.
I only have a vague idea about what canceling and links are.
I don’t know which of her normals are good, or if im supposed to use all of them.
I don’t know how to do any combos.

What should i do next? What should i try to learn/practice? I’m just not sure where to go from here.
Thanks for reading


I’d check out the execution sticky here in the newbie dojo for advice on how to practice combos and explanations of links/cancels. The Sakura sub forum here has a ton of information about her, matchups, combos, good normals, etc. give it a look.


Thank you. I realized after posting that I should have checked out the stickies first. I’m taking a close look at the video tutorial, execution guide, and glossary now. I’ll look at the sub forum too.


Just play, cant learn if you dont play :). Once you feel you know how to do the moves you just have to focus on when to use them, thats all this game is really. Once you feel like you have her moves down (both special and normal!) on their own learn some combos and from there just keep on grinding.


@dustoid … Welcome to SRK and FGs (Fighting Games) in general! There are many ways to begin and with so many great games on the market and the aftermath hype of a VERY exemplary EVO, it may seem daunting.
Seems like you’ve singled out a character, which is great. Now you want to learn everything about the character. Normal moves, special moves, the range of those moves and also what is safe and unsafe. A great deal of information is at your fingertips, and everyone may tell you different things to read or do, but it is all in a positive light.
I highly recommend you check out VesperArcade’s Super SF IV tutorials, as well as SFTBird’s videos. Many beginner’s links can be found here [](Newbie/Beginner’s Links
They are extremely informative and well worth the time invested.
Main thing is to have fun and not take wins or losses very seriously at this stage. Just focus on learning the game mechanics and your character.
The other thing is to decide whether you are more comfortable with a stick or controller.
Determination is what you want most; the drive to learn and build your skills relative to the level of play you wish to reach.
I’m no expert, but I am here to help encourage new players to get into fighting games. It’s best to check stickies before asking questions, but questions are still welcomed.
I hope this helps in some positive way and increases your interest in fighting games.
Best To You…