New to fighting games, where should i start?

Only times I have played fighting games was when i just mashed random buttons at arcades and ive also played many non traditional ones. I want to start playing games like tatsunoko vs capcom, street fighter, skullgirls, king of fighters, etc.

I am wondering where is a good place to start? whats a first game that is somewhat easy for beginners to learn? i was thinking a street fighter game, maybe street fighter 4, or one of the older ones. Also i am very excited for injustice so i will be playing that when its released for sure, but what should i play for now?

Pretty much any system is fine, older gen ones seem to be a bit more convenient for me to obtain

You can ask your questions there.
Or go to the sections on the games you have or interest you to ask more in depth stuff related to them.

Newbie saikyo dojo- Mostly noobs getting answers from other noobs. Have fun with that chaos…

A better idea would be to look for video tutorials on youtube because people who make videos by nature tend to do their research better than people who just post on forums because it requires more work and you can’t just edit out your bullshit once you posted it. The latter also applies to comments on youtube- Ignore them as long as you don’t know and trust the person to makes them. And if you happen to watch Maximilian like the rest of the mindless sheep take into consideration that he is very popular exactly because the masses can relate to his semi-casual mindset, and he isn’t an authority on any game whatsoever, so make sure to not blindly accept the “information” he hands out.

And a good read would be Seth Killian’s Domination 101 articles.

okay, well im not really interested in anything specifically right now, was mostly considering street fighter, but i was just wondering if anyone recommended any fighting games to start out with

Well, to be honest, All fighting game has their own play style. That means you should know what you like kind of playstyle in the fighting games. Example UMVC3 has a very fast paced and rely mostly your long combo to win the game, SF4 much more rely on footsie and baiting opponent to win. My suggest is try to read the review of each game. Also see the video how they play like. Hope that helps

As much as i will like to recommend a lot of good alternatives besides the typical capom games, the problem is that we don’t know what kind of games do you like, also, we don’t know if you are only planning to play them online, or you expect to play them in your local community (is you have one).

Like Kuaikukia said, every game have different gameplay styles that cater to different types of players.

If you have a local scene, check it out and try the games there. Regional Matchmaking is on the index, near the bottom.

You can also see if the games you’re interested in have demos on PSN/XBL

I took a long hiatus from fighters and when I wanted to jump back in, I was recommended to go back and play SFII and Vampire Savior. It kind of back fired and I ended hating the newer games, BUT I got back into fighters and it’s fun for me, again.

You should play anything you can manage to get your hands on, try them out. Figure out what mechanics and playstyles you like and go from there to decide what games to play.
Category wise, I’d say you should try a game with assists (so like mahvel, skullgirls and KOF 2000, and 01),
generic anime fighter (Blazblue and P4A seem like they have the biggest communities to help out),
and then like regular games like SF4 and KOF13
Then like try to play rushdown, do some zoning, grapple a bunch.
By the time you’re done all that you’ll either figure out what game you wanna play, or be interested in a certain style of game.

seriously man. I used to like trying to help there, but too often see some dude posting advice when they were asking how to do FADC ultra in that section the day before

I like how you describe them as generic anime fighter, when they happen to not be generic at all, :rofl:

Street Fighter is probably the best to get acclimated to the fighting game mechanics as a whole. So street fighter isnt bad. I started with Street Fighter 4, and because it has so much to offer I just kept learning from it

ya there is a strong scene here, they mostly play street fighter 3: third strike and mvc3, a lot of other games but those 2 are the main ones they play.

I think i decided that im just going to go through like a million games, play some MUGEN, MAME, street fighter 4, guilty gear, and tatsunoko vs capcom on wii. Im still at an extremely basic stage where i just bought my fightstick and i am still getting used to simple things like quarter circle foward+ kick. I usually just learn simple things like that, and have the inputs displayed in training mode, than ill try on like a beginner CPU.

Seems like a pretty solid plan.
Save yourself the trouble of playing MUGEN though, it’s really not worth the trouble if you can play actual games. (I got into some bad habits from playing that inbetween classes back in highschool on my superghetto laptop)
Also harder AIs are better to start against, probably like normal though since you’re just starting. You’ll get stopped at like every fight, but you’ll learn character matchups and get a feel for what to do to beat certain situations easier. Easy difficulties are basically just buttons practice. Also, remember that everytime you lose it’s because you did something wrong, so figure out what it was,and then fix it.