New to fighting games !

Hey everyone,

I’m new to fighting game and I recently get very interesting about the community after watching evo.
The fighting game community seems very amazing and hype ! So i got myself a xbox 360 and AE and im waiting for my arcade stick to arrive :slight_smile:

I was wondering what are the best way to improve your game and get good.
I use ken at the moment cause i feel like he’s a easier character to play at a beginner level and I can’t even do the move of character like viper or vega lol

So how did you guys get good at this game and usualy how many hours of gameplay does it require to get all the fundamental of the game and be able to do your combo at 100%.



Learn combos, the longer the combo the better. Or at least that’s how MvC3 goes.

Normals are just generally safer, if anything you shouldn’t block much if at all. If they grab you, tech em, if they attack counter them with higher priority which is risky business but stupid easy because it attacks and can’t be grabbed but unsafe to the point it’s almost not worth it, blocking is a last resort thing that generally doesn’t do anything but eat chip damage.

Make use of all your safe moves is what Eyeball is trying to say. If you don’t know what to do, just block.

For starting out, I recommend trying to limit your use of special attacks (LEARN YOUR NORMALS!), and remember to block. I can’t stress that second part enough.

Is there anyway to find out what are the best normal combo ? like LP to MK or something

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