New to fighting games


Hello! I just purchased UMvC3 a week ago and I’m having two problems.

  1. I can’t seem to execute moves well. Things like the dragon punch totally elude me, I’m inconsistent while standing still, and consistently accomplish nothing at all in an actual fight. Is this normal? I’ve been working pretty hard at it for a while and I’m not getting anywhere. I think part of the problem might be my xbox controller. Getting the right input on that pad isn’t easy, and I hear it’s pretty terrible.
  2. The quick match button gets almost no results. I’ve never found a game. Is that because there are so few people at a very low rank, or because of a tech issue?

Can anyone help me out?


There has never been a fighting game player who did not suck at first. Seriously. This is a hard genre to play on all levels and arguably the hardest to learn at the beginner level; it doesn’t help that you’re starting out on Marvel which moves much faster than most people are used to.

Just keep practicing. It’ll probably take a long time to get used to how things work. Your pad may be a part of the problem, or it may not be; there are a number of really good pad players but there are others who just can’t get it to cooperate and would pick a stick any day.

also consider getting persona 4 arena instead it is a much better game all around and is far more beginner friendly than marvel


The xbox pad is a big problem, but if you’ve never played a fighting game before it’s like getting into Dota2, or Quake 3, or any game that has a very high skill ceiling.

Your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY before fighting anyone is to make sure you can do all of your special moves 100 out of 100 times, without question, without fault. These should be the easiest things you have at your disposal. And I mean 100 out of 100 times, it’s really a required skill to have the basics of input down before moving on.

Marvel is a hard beast to practice because a lot of the game revolves getting in and opening someone up at the same instant they are trying to do the same to you. You should find someone new or around your skill level that will be willing to throw a few hours down and play - you can get real discouraged in Marvel real fast; the game is full of “one-hit-kill combos”.


Welp, time to practice my specials some more. Any recommendations for decent Xbox pads? I don’t have the money for an arcade stick, so cheaper is better. Also, I definitely think some of my problem with dragon punches is mechanical: When I hit the diagonal input on my pad, then release, it triggers a right input. Thus my controller will often interpret my movements as right, down, diagonal right, right. This probably explains why I get my quarter circle forward moves a lot when I try to do the dragon punch. Until I get something else to play on, I’m going to have to improve my timing.


From personal use, I can tell you that the Madcatz products and especially the PDP products come highly recommended. Pads tend not to last as long as arcade sticks though, from what i hear.


When it comes to buying a new controller, I see three main designs: Normal xbox, special fighting game controllers with D-pad+6 buttons or joystick+6 buttons. Is it still a matter of preference, or is one just better?


Use whatever you’re comfortable with.

Generally the standard xbox controller is considered bad for fighting games since the d-pad is pretty shitty. People still use them, but very few.

Special fighting game controllers are used by a majority of the pad players in the scene. Having 6 buttons on the face of the controller allows you to use multiple fingers to press the buttons, while allowing your left thumb to be comfortable with the use of a d-pad or analog stick. The button layout is also great for doing advanced execution techniques such as multi-button option-selects, plinking, etc. Plus they still have the shoulder buttons, if you want to assign macros or an attack to multiple buttons. Their designs are also geared for playing fighting games, so the d-pad is significantly improved over the regular controllers.

Vast majority of players use arcade sticks. This stemmed mostly from the fact that fighting games used to only be at the arcades, so everybody adapted to using the arcade stick and buttons. However, a joystick also allows your entire left-hand control over your input, which for some people, allows for better control. Since the buttons are also larger than on pad, you’re able to perform certain right-hand motions with greater accuracy while allowing you to use all of your fingers for multiple button presses. Again, this is more advanced stuff.

As far as inherent advantages between pad and arcade sticks, they’re minimal at best. Plenty of top players have performed well in competitions using both pads and sticks. Imo, pads allow for more rapid left-hand inputs, which is important for the ground game, while joysticks allow better ease of right-hand button inputs.

Again. The most important factor in execution, is that you are using whatever controller you are most comfortable with. The controller is an extension of your skill. If you suck, or you’re not comfortable with the controls, both result in poor execution.


I think the best bet for me is something that’s both reasonably affordable and lacking in technical issues. Thus a special fighting game controller. Until I get one, I’ll keep grinding away with my xbox controller, so once I get one without noticeable mechanical issues, it’ll feel great! Thanks for all the help.


A good idea. A more expensive controller isn’t going to vastly improve your skill set as a player, but it will help you become more consistent with your motions, which is the ultimate test of a good player. Be sure to practice your basic execution. Focus on the fundamentals. Keep working on these things, and the results will come.

Happy to help. Feel free to check out the FAQs on various sections for additional information if you have anymore questions. If it hasn’t been asked, feel free to put up another post. Good luck.


The Marvel games are built to be played on a stick, so you can tap away easier at the long button sequences with like all your fingers.

Real Arcade Pro V3 SA

Well worth the money. You can try games like Soul Calibur V and the new Tekken with that as well, which you may find a bit less overwhelming to get to grips with. After that, check out the game in my sig :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s not true. All games are designed to be played on pad, because that’s what the console systems come with standard. That’s why there are macros in the config settings, otherwise it’d be difficult for your average player to do x3 inputs without contorting their fingers.

If anything, marvel is better suited for the pad. It’s 4 primary buttons (which go on the face), and 2 assist buttons (both reachable by both index fingers). There are few button combinations that can’t be done by either a thumb, or thumb+finger.


But for long button sequence combos, you have less travel between buttons, stabbing at them with your fingers on a stick faceplate, rather than use just one thumb to cover all 4 or all 6…
Most fighters are designed to be played on a stick, as that’s how they appear before they get the home port. You feel more satisfaction and arcade authenticity actually hitting something like all 3 punch buttons with all 3 fingers instead of binding it. Anything will be a step up from a 360 pad though, for sure.


A thumb is able to travel as fast, if not faster, than a finger moving down to press a button. And that’s assuming you don’t hover your hand over the right buttons to press them.

Modern fighters are played on consoles, therefore they are designed for use with the controller. The idea that you’ll perform higher with an arcade stick than a controller is a dumb myth propogated by blind ignorance. While I do agree that I get more satisfaction with using an arcade stick (since I grew up in arcades), it’s not absolutely necessary. It’s not worth the $50-$180 to buy a brand new stick just to get “authenticity”. Just play with whatever you feel confident with. If you want to make the switch to stick, you can do so at any time.


i wish there was a comfy way to have a dpad + the button layout of a stick.


I saw a controller like that in tech talk. It was literally the left-half of a pad attached to the right-hand of an arcade stick. Ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, but it had a d-pad on the left and staggered Sanwa-30s on the right.


If you’re serious about this genre, invest some money in an arcade stick and an octagonal restrictor gate. Preferably soon so that you don’t have to relearn everything. People will tell you that pad vs stick is just preference. In some games it is, but in this it’s not. Using an arcade stick makes everything easier (except for dashing, which is marginally harder).


plus a stick is less tiresome to use than a pad. Had I played 3 straight hours with a pad, my thumb fingers would start to hurt and I’d get blisters. Not so with a stick
especially with ergonomic sticks like the Hori.


I’m using this ugly bastard while playing gen (doing mp hands, mk hands all the time) no blisters. At first it was a little uncomfortable but your thumb get’s used to it. Don’t know how it is in marvel or do you even need such shit but my thumb is fine even after 2-3 hours.

Since i’m a greedy bastard i can live with it. But if you want the best experience take the stick. Just remember not to exchange it for a pad even for a second. It was hella hard for me to get used to this layout on a pad but i got used to it and it still is 10 times better than standard xbox controller.


You can get the PDP afterglow controller for $22 at samsclub. it is a wired controller so it will make things easier when you play other places, and you can buy the PS3 version as well so you have a pad to use no matter what console is being used. Also check pawn shops and second hand stores for arcade sticks. people are dumping their Madcatz TEs to buy Qanba’s and Eightarc multi-console sticks. I got an Xbox360 MvC2 stick for $75 and the PS3 Chun Li Stick for $50. Learn to play on both stick and pad.


Overall, your post hurt my brain.