New to fighting games

So i’m new to fighting games and want to get into the scene. I just picked up SSF4. I know it’s going to take lots of time and practice…
What are the best tips you can offer for a new player to this game to help them get better for online/tourney play?
Also are there any characters that you would recommend to a new player? (I would say aesthetically i’m drawn to Fei Long, Ibuki, Cammy, Rufus, and Juri most)

<a href=“”>A guide I’ve been working on for beginners.</a>

As for character choice, of the ones you listed, Fei Long is the most simple to use and also one of the strongest characters.
He has great pokes, flame kick(dragon punch) and rekkas, so his attacks are very safe.

Apart from simplivity and strength, Fei is pretty much a pure fundamentals character. Less chance to get stuck on bad gimmicks and the like.