New to fightstick, question about techniques


I know practice makes perfect but some general questions to make sure I’m not learning bad techniques.

I have my pointer, middle and ring finger over the three top buttons and my thumb over the first lower button. I use each I those fingers to hit the buttons they are over. Should I be doing that? Hitting hard punch n hard kick with my ring finger? Should I be using my pointer more and just moving my hand around?

I heard someone say they focus attack by pressing mp and MK with one finger, is that a good idea?

What’s the most common button setup for marvel 2 and 3?

Thanks. Any other tips on technique are appriciated as well.


Pointer, middle, and ring finger over top and thumb over the LK button is fine. Lots of players do that. As long as you can comfortably reach each button with ease, accuracy, and speed, you’re fine.

I always recommend doing focus attack with 1 finger. That way you ensure more accuracy and better timing by using 1 finger to press both buttons. In my opnion, it’s also faster than moving your thumb over to press the MK button. But different strokes for different folks. Experiment with both methods and see for yourself which works best with your hands.

The default button setups for MVC2 and UMVC3 are the following:




S A1 A2

For additional tips, you can check both the stickied posts in this forum section, as well as the following guide:

I recommend you find a grip that is both comfortable and lets you quickly and accurately hit all 8 sides of the stick with ease. That’ll make learning other basic motions x10 easier.


That’s typically how I play execpt I only use my thumb whenever I’m playing MvC2 or doing a focus attack.
With the focus attack, I usually hit it by pressing MK with my thumb and MP with my middle finger but
that’s just me. I feel comfortable doing it and at the end of the day, you want to feel comfortable while being able to execute accurately. Mess around with different set ups to see which one best fits you.


I usually have Index, Middle and Ring over the top three buttons too.

But I noticed that I always Focus with my Middle and Ring, despite how uncomfortable that actually is o.O

Going to try hitting Focus with just my middle finger to see if that will work for me haha


I tend to focus with my index and middle, but I’m just a terrible noob…


For SSF4AE I have assigned my forefinger on LP, middle finger on MP, ring finger on HP, and thumb on LK.
I usually use my thumb and for the kick and the “assigned” finger for the punch when needed to be used simultaneously. I also use the same finger on the kicks as I do on punches. Then again I’m relatively new to the more technical and theoretical aspects of fighting games. I think that maybe there isn’t a “perfect” position for each finger, but rather whatever feels most comfortable to you and yields the best results.