New to forum, 3s throw question

Hi everyone, new to the forum
3rd Strike is my main game. Have loved it since seeing the daigo parry, so much so i got a tattoo of ken parrying chun li after completing the trial on 3s OE but im having a seemingly simple problem:
How do you speed up neutral throws? (not holding forward or back when throwing)

I’ve searched google and SRK forum search feature but cant find anything. Best example is the first round of the first match in this video:

Apologies if i have posted in the wrong forum or broken a rule by posting a youtube link
Any help much appreciated

Some throws in 3s are mash throws. Examples are Ken's neutral LP+LK, Oro's neutral LP+LK, Alex's back +HP when done vs a back turned opponent, etc. If the attacker mashes buttons the throw animation will be faster. If the defender mashes buttons they will be released sooner from the grab. Mash throws are rarely used, since the defender can mash out really fast they usually end up doing very little damage. Most chars can (and prefer so) do a regular grab instead, with no mashing involved and guaranteed damage. The only good mash throws I'd say are Urien's and Oro's. But you don't use those for the damage, but for the launch/knockdown. With Urien you can do his mash throw and as soon as you end that animation you put an aegis. vs Chun li, EX aegis will actually launch and give you a juggle. vs Elena, LP aegis and then EX headbutt will give you an unblockable setup even if Elena quickstands. vs Basically everyone, if you have them cornered with a sweetspot aegis (an aegis really close to them but far enough that it doesn't actually hit) and grab them with the mash throw, they will be launched with the aegis, giving you a juggle.

As Oro, doing his mash throw and then an LP SA2 will give you a setup if the opponent doesn’t quickstand (and the quickstand is tricky since the superfreeze messes up the input). vs Chun and Makoto it actually gives you a crossup unblockable. vs Shotos (and some other chars) it gives you a high/low 50-50 with instant overhead air MK or cr LK, micro walk, close MP

That grab is neutral grab. The thing about it is that moving grabs and neutral grabs are not different, the grab you choose to add is what is different, and so, you tend to slide into the walk in situation involving a grab and most real grab reflexes are out the window without leading in too much more info and finding yourself back in with the screen too big or something,
you gotta blink.
So, the mash has to happen perfect and then you can’t use it to move around “right” again cause you were landing into something, you lost all momentum in that dash, which you probably made worse for the other guy using a slide in dash. Very melee, smash bros in general type grab play.

The grab feature always confuses the players that need the answers the fastest because the grabs seem to happen mostly when everyone is confused. The two pris are begging each other to back off or both will just win or fail grabbing at each other and looking like pros instead of fighting like them.

Exciting part about all this mayhem is that you can exclude a ton of the chunk of throw information from learning about your opponent after you lose a match you really can’t throw in, because!, when the throws are made useless by proper spacing and maneuvering the enemy using only words, and not fists, the solution ends up cataloguing the flashiest version of the reply BECAUSE it also happens to be a great counter to any long tale whiffs that happen in block situations MEANT TO BE/, to OCCUR, after block.
It becomes sort of like tossing the machine around while they hang on to keep playing, until you can keep grabs in and still communicate THAT ability effectively.
So we don’t get bored.