New to Gouken



Hey guys. I’ve been playing Rufus for a couple years now…but I want to branch out and try something new. Was thinking Gouken. Any tips on where to start?


Study bullcat, proudstrawberry, and infiltrations gouken(just to name a few). if you used any other shotos for a secondary, forget about the vertical shoryuken and horizontal tatsumaki, gouken’s senku and regular tatsu suck as reversals. Memorize senkugoha distances. there’s a “gouken phonebook” thread in here somewhere. Check out and spar with as many goukens as you can. Not one of us has a similar style IMO, so you’ll learn a lot and get ideas for your own play style. If training room is your thing, hang out therebfor a long while and mess with gouken. He definitely has a learning curve. He’s is one of the characters in the game who you must commit to if you want to pick him up. I’ll tell you straight up, the first week or two using gouken sparring with us, your’re gonna get raped. Only after that, thats when you’re gonna seal the deal if you want to stick with gouken and get better with him, or give up and look for another secondary. All ive said so far is most likely useless and just my opinion lol i’m no good with gouken myself so…get up on the gouken phone book and start inviting and keep asking for tips and help. I, personally hope you stick with gouken. He’s a fighter not many people use because of his play style, we could use more goukens out there in the field.


by the way, what system are you on?


Goukens combos are very simple, mostly revolving around EX Palm. There’s plently of combo videos about.

The main thing that is difficult is learning his Normals, which are very important, on the surface his normals aren’t that great. (In terms of poke range, startup etc)
But they’ve all got their uses.

Making an opening in your opponents defenses to get your larger combos off is the initial challenge.

I hate to self-advertise or anything but there’s a good tutorial ranging from beginner stuff to advanced stuff on YouTube.


watching that currently. Its been very useful so far


Welcome aboard! I don’t really have any tips but just wanted to say he’s a blast to play :slight_smile:

I was just about to post it then I noticed you already did :slight_smile: