New to grapplers


I want to pick up Hugo but I know very little about grapple characters. Feels like im learning to play a new game. Can anyone help me out with some basic stuff for grapplers.


In order :

  • Learn to block and tech. Mashing 360 will kill you soon enough and you won’t learn anything.
    That goes with patience you need when using a slow ass grappler.
    At some point you’ll face better opponent that knows they’re not supposed to jump/rush you because they’ll die doing it. Till then, you’ll have to deal with stupid people/or/your low level asking for it.

  • Learn the basic bnb + the basic 360 tick throws.

  • Learn your footsies. Normals to use to cover space at different ranges.

  • Learn setups post knockdown and OSes.

  • Learn to deal damage every single time you get a hit.

  • Learn to take advantage of cornered opponent.

If you find someone that can zone you out to death, play him again, again, again, again, because that’s exactly what you need to defeat for playing a grappler.


Also don’t forget to get used to buffering your 360s out of pretty much everything.