New to joysticks, veteran at fighting games


i posted something earlier but i think it never made it through. well hello to all. i was looking forward to buying the hori real arcade stick for ps3 but its all sold out everywhere and over priced too. i was looking for peoples review on the ps3 fight stick 3. how is it?? that can still be moded right?? ive never messed with anything like that, are there tutorials for fresh new beginners?? any info will help!! thank you all in advance


stickies. read them.


That title is a tad contradictory.


not really bro, ive just never came around to ever purchasing a stick. but im loving all the modding that has been going around and its just too awesome


How, can’t he just be a pad player?


The fighting sticks are moddable; there is a topic about this very thing. Can’t say much about that stick though, haven’t had first hand experience with one. I was in a similar situation and decided to order a custom stick.


I guess it’s possible to be a bad veteran. I know this guy who’s played SF religiously since SF2, and he can’t do anything other than shock people with blanka.


that was a rly sad statement lol…

x2 ive seen some rly good pad players…

it can be modded and like they said check out some stickies and im sure theres a how-to thread but u might have to search for it…


I was wondering if maybe they misread my post as “bad” player instead of “pad” Only way there post made sense to me


Oh, well those two things tend to go together in my mind. Apologies.


if you really want to mod a FS3

otherwise grab a madcatz SE, much easier to mod. Or wait for the sticks to become cheaper.

you can always stick to pad though, just watch out for em no shortcut tournies. And people be screaming YEEAAAAAHH PAD WARRIOR!!!


Man, fuck all you guys. lol. jk jk.

I used to be exclusively a pad warrior. Now that I got this however shitty SE FightStick, I’ve really gotten used to and preferred the stick style. Definitely not as good as I am on pad, but I’m about 90% there.

Overall though I’m definitely not tournament level, but not a scrub either. I’d say I’m scrub lvl. 10. lol.


I guess so. It’s just that when I think veteran, I think arcade rat. But I guess if you could go around a lot of places to play a lot of different people on your shitty ports (think ST and SNES), then you’re a vet.

Still makes no sense to me. I just don’t see vet status coming from only console play. It lacks all the seasonings that come from playing other people – granted, a possibility, but I’m talking A LOT of people. Not just the same five or six players you play every weekend.

Then again, online clients. . .I guess it just depends on what you consider a vet. Still think the title’s shaky though.


For sure, dude.

Although, my mom stopped letting me go to the arcades when I was 12 and she bought me a dreamcast and a copy of mvc2.

by the time i got my own ways of getting around town and my own cash, all the arcades were gone.


so u gotta have played on a stick to be a veteran lol… thats like saying u had to of driven on a track in a nascar to be a veteran driver…


^You missed the point entirely. It’s experience, not medium that determines vet status. It’s just generally true that one has experience because they’ve gone to the arcades and played people of different skill-levels with different styles. Because they’ve played in the arcades, they’re used to sticks. Chances are that your console player has been playing the game on [insert console here] for whatever amount of time with the same few people. Different styles/skill levels > people trained based on cpu training.

Basically, those with experience (vets) are likely used to using sticks and will stick with them whereas people who have been playing the same way for years without any real improvement (cpu training can get you used to combos, but it’s not going to make you combat-ready) aren’t necessarily pad-based, but it’s far more likely.

But don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen pads used in tournaments. It’s called stereotyping.

/derailment. I’m done on the subject. Lots of room to refute, but if you’re smart enough to figure it out, you will.

Any Hori makes a badass shell.


just because he didnt go to an arcade everyday does not dismiss him from vet status hes just not an arcade vet hes a console vet how hard is it to grasp the meaning of “veteran” but hey if ur smart enough youll figure it out… lol