New to ken

Hey guys,
I have been trying to use Ken more. I used to use Zangief but because of hadouken spammers, that didn/t work out. I’m mostly trying to speed up inputs, do shoryuken input more consistently, and be better at defense. Finally, I need to work on my spacing,metagame, and DEFINITELY ULTRA (input and use. I’m used to 360 motions so quarter circles are harder and I usually just end up doing a hadouken) Any other tips are definitely welcome.


I’m just gonna leave my two cents here: Ultras are a matter of practice, as you can imagine. Practicing in the training area is alright, but it can get boring after a while, so I suggest practicing online too, against other players. No better place to test your skills and improve than jumping in with the crocodiles.

I used to have trouble getting Ultras down, now I have like a 90% accuracy rate on Ultras when I’m on the left side. When I’m on the right side, well…40% perhaps. Still need a lot of practice myself.