My first and last KOF game i played was KOF 94 :wink: … I’ve been playing Street Fighter and Tekken (i hate 3D fighters now) through most of my life but KOF had allways a special place in my heart cause i spent so many hours playing it in the arcades as a youngling…
Now after spending 2 years on Street Fighter and geting “solid” i think i might be ready to get into a new fighting game , and KOF is the first thing that comes to my mind!
I downloaded yesterday the demo and went only through trials and i alllready love it,its something comepletly new and diferent compared to Street Fighter
1.Should i get it for xbox360 or ps3???
2.i am from europe, so how big is the scene in europe (i am an online warior,cause i am from a small country where literaly no1 plays fighting games) ???
3.**Online-is it playable **?

Thx in advance


Online is balls, if you don’t have friends that you can play offline with, you may be short on luck. :frowning:


so that means there is no point of purchasing it for me :confused:
thanks for your honesty , i really wanted to play this game


Yeah, if you’re looking for an online KOF fix, it’s probably better to try out KOF 98 and KOF 2002 on GGPO.


I would recommend still buying the game and trying it out for yourself. Yeah, the netplay isn’t great at all (and you can test it for yourself but don’t expect much) but it’s a throughout game to play without online, and you may never know who would be interested in playing with you offline/locally even though you may live in a small country that does have a scene. Keep your eyes open, think positive and try it the game out yourself.


its probably sounds insane but no fucking single one plays fighting games in my country
i am the only Street Fighter player and FG fan…so there is no local offline scene AT ALL :wink: …mindblowing i know but that really is so!!!
if anyone EVER encounters online in ANY fighting game someone from Montenegro , you are free to come here ad call me a lying bitch :wink:

that being said i am an exclusive online warior who depends verry much on a good netcode :confused:
too bad one of my most desired games has one of the worst netcodes,so i’ll just will have to skip this one and wait for a sequel

btw i read somewhere that ATLUS was working on a netcode patch…that ever hapened or we still waiting for that to happen???


There’s rumors of a PC/steam version, but there’s nothing definite so far.


It’s possible, but you may never know who might pop up randomly or may be sitting in their basement playing alone who don’t go out or post online.


I think the netplay experience is just more dependent on having good internet than other games. I have two buddies I play KOF with online, and it’s perfectly playable. If you have a fast connection, give it a shot! Not like the game is prohibitively expensive, especially since you can now just d/l it on XBL.


I really want to get into KOF but i don’t have it is anyone willing to part with one if they have an extra copy or willing to sell me one for a good price I play on PS3


Play 98/02 on GGPO. 13 is dead in America unless you live in So Cal or are willing to travel to around Texas/Mexico.


Where are you at?