New to KOF

im looking to start playing a new fighting game since im terribly bored with sf4 and marvel is on its way out. KoF13 looks really pretty even though i played KoF12 and i really didnt like it. how are these 2 games different?

the only KoF related game i’ve ever played thoroughly was art of fighting on the snes. so im familiar with the differences between the special motions compared to street fighter.

i really like the characters vice and mr. karate. are they any good in this game? if at least one of them can compete with the top tier in this game i’ll definitely buy it.

how is the game execution-wise? is it harder than doing 1 frame link combos in street fighter 4? are there characters with varying execution requirements?

i played honda in sf4, is there a character similar to his style in kof?

lastly, is there any x factor/ultra comeback mechanics in this game?

sorry for all the question but i thank you for future responses.

They are both pretty good, although the tiers for the game a pretty compressed. It’s a decently balanced game.

The games difficulty lies in the motions, not really the timing of button presses (although there are plenty of tough links, just not necessarily essential to a character like in sf4). Things like being able to chain then special and being able to hold down a button for a special and it coming out on the first possible frame make things easier, while certain things like hopping and longer combos can be harder. Apples and oranges, really.

Like, holding on downback? not really. But a lot of characters have safe blockstrings/in your face pressure and command grabs so you could sort of equate that to sf4 honda.

When you lose a character, you are able to have one more meter than you could before. So when you are on your first, you can have 3 super stocks, when you lose one you can have 4, and on the last you can have 5. But nothing along the lines of a new move being unlocked or a vastly different character like in the recent capcom games.

thanks for the speedy response. how is this game compared to kof12? i heard 12 sucked but since this game is a sequel how did it improve?

I really can’t answer that as this is my first kof game, but it seems like almost everyone else thinks it’s much better and more “kof-like” whatever that may mean…

-more single-player content than XII, including mission mode, story mode, and a tutorial (a fairly basic one, but it is there)
-ditching things from XII that didn’t work (clashing, negating projectiles with heavy normals, Critical Counter) while refining what did, and incorporating things that worked in past games as well (i.e., '02-inspired Hyper Drive mode, XI-inspired Max Cancels)
-larger, more varied roster with fuller movesets for returning characters
-ability to save replays from online matches
-color edit feature

Though the online is at least an improvement over XII’s, it still needs work to be truly viable, which is why a patch is currently in development. You can download the demo from PSN or XBL to get a feel for the game, which includes the tutorial (features Kyo), versus mode with the Fatal Fury team (Terry, Andy, Joe) and the K’ team (K’, Kula, Maxima), and online play.

ill look for the demo now, seems i cant find it though