New to Marvel and want a "mentor"



I recently re-bought UMvC3 and I’m veryHe runs away and does fireballs my brother bad at it. Was hoping someone on Xbl with a mic could help me out.


Is this a meme now?


It should be. Thats probably the best thread ever. Also gt: YUMM WAFFLES 77


I need a coach for UMVC3, I use a controller but I just want a way to extend my combos and get the most damage output, if anyone preferably a 5th lord or higher could tutor me that would be great. Gamertag: sk8tr217


Rank doesn’t mean anything. I can help you guys if you’re still looking for help.


Thanks for the offer but I think I got the hang of Marvel now.


I’m always looking for help. Is it still possible?