New to Marvel, quick advice?

sup peeps, I’m finally learning Marvel for the first time…I’ve deciding to learn Zero, and most likely use him as point - any quick tips or some advice for me? I gotta level up fast!

  1. Keep buster charge always. Learn to switch buttons while holding at least one of them so buster is not released.
  2. Cannot block during air dash so be careful.
  3. J.:h: is your best jumping attack.
  4. Zero needs an assist for covering his mixups and rushdown.
  5. Mixup using his teleports and his lightning dive (Raikouzen is the name) in the corner.
  6. Sougenmu (power-up) sets up unblockables if you hit high then low. (The shadow hits high, you hit low).
  7. Be careful of random supers, because he has low health.

Some good assists: Amaterasu Cold Star, Doom Plasma Beam, Dante Jam Session or Weasel Shot, Frank Shopping Cart, Sentinel Drones, Taskamaster or Hawkeye horizontal arrows, Iron Main Unibeam, Strange Eye of the Agamatto.

For combos, ask there in the combo thread.

Also, buy the UMvC3 BradyGames Guide.

Here’s some random things you should know as a new Zero player:

The trick is to build a team that has good assists and good DHC synergy. So spend sometime finding a team that works well together.

It’s important Zero and your 2nd character can DHC into each other effectively.

Make sure your 2 assists can help you get in (beam assists, ect…), can lockdown (cold star, jam sesh, drones, ect…), and can allow for advanced combo extensions (check combo page.)

Always charge buster. Always. Seriously, Always. I’m not joking.

Learn how and when to use all of Zero’s tools.

Understand the properties of all of Zero’s moves (such as what causes hard/soft knockdown, what OTGs, what causes a lot of hit stun, and so on.)

Be a hardcore training mode monster for the first couple of days to learn optimum combos with assists and to learn set ups with your team.

If you got questions, just ask, there’s a lot of knowledgeable Zero players here that are willing to help.

Other than that, welcome to the club my good sir.

Actually, I’m in the EXACT same position as Aquasilk, (greetings, btw) and I was wondering if you guys have a little more general advice? I’ve taken the above advice to heart, but I’m having kind of a rough time adjusting to the super-jumping, OTGing, assist-calling, cancel-comboing ways of the VS series as opposed to the more grounded link-combo-based Street Fighter. Is that just a PLAY MOAR GAMEZ thing, or are there tricks for making the switch easier?

I’ve been doing missions, and they’ve been helping…

I play Zero and will be at Guard crush. In fact theres lots of Zero’s there now if you need in person demonstrations.
I don’t know about leveling up fast though. The best way to win games then is to find some mixup/bullshit that is hard to deal with but doesn’t require you to know the options the other guy has. If they have any option but guess a block you start to require character knowledge which is tough to learn quick.

Zero specific try to learn how to space air buster shots for lockdown/zoning, how to use his air/command dash to keepaway and setup assist call + rushin with a safe mixup. Get used to swinging Zero’s swords around with impunity on the ground. Even if you aren’t hitting you are controlling space/making them block and not letting them press buttons. During a block(you attacking) you can call an assist and do a command dash into left/right release buster level 3 and followup.

If you come up with specific questions try the Discussion and Quick question threads.
And welcome to Zero. He only gets more and more broken as you learn more :slight_smile:

Besides what others have said: Learn lightning-buster cancels. It is one of the most commanding forms of mobility in the game, moving you quickly across the screen while severely limiting your opponents options to retaliate, especially if coupled with an assist. I still see high-level Zeros (looking at you KillerKai :p) not making use of it at all and they are really missing out. Just imagine if your command dash had a near full-screen hitbox that causes soft-knockdown…oh, it can.

Hey there. I’m in a similar position, except I’ve never played a fighting game before…I try and follow some simple combos and can do it in practise mode, but on arcade I just fnd myself failing to do them and I end up hitting random buttons or just dying. I’m using Zero/Dante/Vergil as they’re cool characters, but I dont really understand some of the jargon you guys have been using, like OTG or cancel-combo. Could anyone spare a few minutes and point me in the right driection please?
Post questions in the appropriate thread. Zero specific questions can still be in the zero forums. Have fun!

Sorry, I’m new to this site and didnt know that thread existed :frowning: Thank you for the link however, it’s been helping me a lot :slight_smile: I’ll go post my Zero questions where they’re appropriate now then

Yea, just play more games really. Don’t worry about your record, just keep getting it in. However, don’t stay in sessions where you’re getting torn apart - you’ll learn nothing. Don’t stay in sessions where you’re dominating either for the same reason. Stay in sessions where it’s good competition.

And again, ignore your record.

Not directly related but I hope to be forgiven. If you find a player who is better than you and uses similar characters ( plays Zero) you might convince them to play your team against you and see what tricks they come up with/know. Most times you’re left watching someone with an almost same team trying to apply what they do to yours but nothing fits exactly. If you get a mirror match ( or they play your team and you play an alternate [a troubling matchup]) then everything they do you can learn from.