New To MK. Questions, Questions, Questions


Ahoy. The name is xaaz and I’ve spent the better part of the last two years with the SFIV games. For most of that time I was primarily a Balrog player and I’ve been active in the Rog forums from time to time chatting up other players, throwing around random bits of game knowledge that I’ve acquired, and making an instructional video here and there, but it’s all starting to bore the hell out of me.

I was looking for something new and MK9 caught my eye so I figured I would dive into the MK series while I wait for it to come out. The problem is I don’t know shit about MK, but I would like to change that. If any of you knowledgeable MK folk would be so kind as to humor me as I ask some questions that you’ve probably heard a million times I would be grateful.

  1. Is there an SRK equivalent for the MK community? I’ve found a few of what I assume are the bigger MK sites (MKE, ClassicMK, UltimateMK, TRMK), but I’m wondering if there’s one giant MK hub that everybody goes to that I’ve overlooked.

  2. None of my local acquaintances want to play MK so I’d like to make some new acquaintances that do. Is there a matchmaking thread/forum somewhere that is used most often by the MK community similar to the Regional threads we’ve got on SRK? I’ve seen the “Regional Matchmaking” on MKE, “Tournament/Matchmaking” on ClassicMK, and “Tournaments, Results, and Match Up Info” on UltimateMK, though I didn’t see anything on TRMK, and they all seem to have some degree of different info/events. It seems kind of fragmented between sites. I do have UMK3 on 360 but I’ve read that it’s netcode is lacking.

  3. I’ve looked over the sites listed above and noticed that UMK3 seems to be the tournament standard of the 2D MK games. I was wondering why that is? I have no concept of the balance in any of the MK games, but I did notice that MKT uses the UMK3 engine and adds a bunch of chars from prior MKs as well as enhancements, so why exactly is UMK3 preferred over MKT?

  4. Have the developers of the MK games ever released any official frame data? I enjoy getting into the technical side of the fighters I play and would like to get my hands on some of that data but the only thing I’ve found online are threads like this one and this one. Judging from the contents and timestamps of some of those posts (some are 2010) I’m guessing no official data has been released, but I figured I would ask anyway since I’m ignorant to the happenings of the MK community.

Thanks in advance.

  1. UltimateMK is to UMk3 as SRK is to SF - BUT CMK & MKE are great places too and you should sign up at those too.

  2. Tournaments, Results and Match Up Info - Forum & Tournaments, Events & Matchmaking

  3. MKT is basically a rushed, poorly made game that wasnt tested before its release. In short, its broken and while fun, cant be taken seriously. You’ll learn more from more people as you become a part of our community as well. But UMk3 is the golden standard of the MK series.

  4. No but thats another part of the and other communities. They are high level players and we know and understand the game.

Feel free to check out these sites as well as post here. SRK needs your MK support as well. Any questions, PM me or EWAShock for more info!